Zambia: International Day of Families

by Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU Zambia

The FFWPU Zambia in conjunction with IAPD held the International Day of Families 2019 under the theme “Families and Climate Action: Focus on SDG 13” on 23rd May 2019 at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. Around 90 participants composed of clergies, Academicians, students, attended the event. Among them, the Chairman of IAPD, Bishop David Musonda Masupa, the Overseer of United Church of Zambia, Rev. Cerge Changa as the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Judith Mwila, the Founder of Families are Nation, the Secretary General of UPF Zambia, Rev. Rudolf Faerber.

The event started with an opening prayer by Mrs Banda, Counsellor at Families are nations followed by the Zambian national anthem. Afterwards, participants watched an introductory video on FFWPU.

Several speeches and lecture presented by various leaders.

In his opening remarks, Rev. Andrico Tshaba, FFWPU Zambia Vice President reminded the participants the genesis of this day by the United Nations. He further emphasized on the importance of family as a cornerstone to establish lasting peace.

The second speaker, Bishop David Musonda Masupa, Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD Zambia Chairman. In his remarks, he gave an inspiring testimony on the Blessing festival he attended last year.

The Guest of Honour, Rev. Cerge Changa, President of Partners in Mission Works and in charge of United Church of Zambia Lilayi congregation praised the FFWPU for the teaching the core values of family. He encouraged participants to get the opportunity learn more about Family from FFWPU.

Rev. Rudolf Faerber, Secretary General of UPF Zambia in his remarks he focused on the importance of the protection of the environment as the way to tackle the global warming.

A PowerPoint presentation on the interfaith peace blessing by Pastor Erick Mutewa, Director of Blessed Family Department was shared with the participants, which attracted more attention. In his presentation, Pastor Mutewa emphasized on the importance of families and marriage blessing with some practical tips on how to create a harmonious family and he emphasized on the importance of changing of blood lineage.

Mrs. Judith Mwila, Founder and President of Families are Nations in her vote of thanks encouraged participants to participate in the blessing festival as solution to heal family problems.

In his closing remarks, Bishop Masupa emphasized on the importance of Blessing marriage, followed by a special cake cutting. Participants were very excited and promised to bring their spouse for the blessing.

At the end, participants filled FFWPU membership forms.

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