USA: Shine City Project


By Jeffery Silerio, FFWPU Las vegas

On April 27, 2019, Shine City Project spent a morning with Project GREEN: Friends of Pittman Wash! Project GREEN: Friends of Pittman Wash is a non-profit environmental group focused on preserving and protecting the wildlife and wildlife habitat of the Pittman Wash in Henderson. The Pittman Wash is a three-mile restoration project that helps to carry run-off water from the western and southern areas of Las Vegas to the main Las Vegas Wash, and then eventually Lake Mead. During stormy weather, the Pittman Wash also serves as a flood control channel for excessive rainwater. With water coming from various sources, including underground springs, plants and wildlife are able to exist in the Pittman Wash, making it a riparian ecosystem in the Mojave Desert.

On this Saturday morning, Shine City Project joined Project GREEN: Friends of Pittman Wash to help with various tasks at the wash. Shine City Project was represented by fourteen volunteers, two of whom were joining our group for the first time. With our growing number of volunteers, we were able to divide into several groups with each group focusing on one specific task. While almost one-half of the group helped to remove invasive tamarisk plants, five our volunteers helped to maintain and restore trails, while the remaining three volunteers helped to pick up litter.

Although we were able to accomplish a lot at the Pittman Wash, it was at times a tough experience as we had to utilize our strength to saw away and remove tamarisk plants, move large rocks to mark trails, and shovel away dirt to bury a large concrete and steel pipe. Additionally, as temperatures climbed to the upper 80s and lower 90s, we had to endure summer-like weather. Regardless of the challenges that we faced, we were able to work hard in order to accomplish the task at hand. With gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Pittman Wash and an appreciation for the nature that surrounded us, we were able to enjoy our time at the Pittman Wash!

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