USA: Las Vegas Prayer Breakfast Goes Deep


Robert Abendroth, FFWPU Las Vegas

On May 25, 2019, Sub-region 4 kept the ball rolling with another weekly Prayer Breakfast in preparation for the June 22nd rally. Rev. Mark Abernathy of the Connect Point church in Georgia gave the keynote address. Over the past few weeks, the prayer breakfasts have only gotten better. The prayer breakfast on Saturday was especially unique because Rev. Abernathy brought a new depth of heart to the gathering.

The morning began with a delicious breakfast and Rev. John Jackson as the MC got everyone excited with his contagious joyful spirit.

Deacon Don Alves of Mountaintop Faith Ministries gave the opening remarks. He spoke on faith. He shared a testimony of how God worked to save his sister when he and his family were in a boating accident. He used this experience to give him confidence in trusting God saying that “if that day on that boat didn’t take me out, nothing can.” Participants at the prayer dinner were in awe of his story.

Afterwards, a video of the Peace Starts with Me movement in Austria was shown. The audience was amazed at the size of the movement that we are apart of.

Before the keynote speaker, the Voices of the Wealthy Place Ministries performed two beautiful and powerful pieces.

Finally, Rev. Mark Abernathy began. The title of his message was “The Struggle is Real.” He shared about the most difficult point in his life when most of his family walked out on him while he was pastoring. After a tearful prayer he recalled that God said to him, “Boy, get up, I’ve got a greater work for you to do than you’ve ever experienced.”

He continued on, emphasizing the importance of really connecting to people that are struggling. He quoted a statistic that says that 40% of people are struggling with something. He challenged ministers to help those that are struggling by focusing on loving God and loving people before anything else. He said that if those two points are missed then nothing they do will really matter.

He then encouraged the audience that they are anointed and appointed by God by reminding them that Jesus said that we will do greater things than He.

To conclude, Rev. Abernathy invited the pastors and ministry leaders to stand up and said “America will never be restored unless it come’s through you guys’ hands.” He said he felt God saying that there were people in the audience that want to quit. The leaders grouped up in front of the stage and he prayed and pleaded for them to stay committed. The Wealthy Place ministry sang in the background “I need you to survive.” It was a deeply powerful experience for the ministers and the other leaders. Some were brought to their knees and others were brought to tears.

To watch the full video of Rev. Abernathy’s speech, visit the Las Vegas Community’s Facebook page. à

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