USA: I Love You, And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It


by various participants, WFWP USA

On April 7th, 2019, WFWP participants of the West Coast Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) launching event and the Peace Starts With Me – Blessing America Rally in Los Angeles had the opportunity to share their experiences at a special breakfast meeting with International President Julia Moon.


Mrs. Susan Nishio – Ohio (representing WFWP Ohio Chairwoman Nadya Hinson)

I wanted to share about the 500-voice choir during the rally. I have been participating as an alto singer, not only this time in LA, but also at several previous events, in Madison Square Garden (3,000 voice choir) and Nassau Coliseum (5,000 voice choir), and also at the 80,000 people rally in Korea for the Reunification of North and South Korea in 2016.

The core group of choir members like myself who have been singing together under conductor Curtis Farrow truly grew very close through these experiences. While singing and practicing we all experienced the great power of the Holy Spirit, which uplifted us and created a deep bond of unity, comradery and family spirit, so that everyone is very excited and looking forward to the upcoming events in Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

Although Mr. Farrow has to go through many challenges each time, he never loses his joy! How deep and profound unity through the arts can be.


Linda Nishikawa – WFWP Regional Director for the West Coast

What I appreciated the most during the time of preparation for these events was our prayers together. I am so very grateful for our prayers, which brought us together in deep unity, especially our core team: Angelika Selle, Katarina Connery, Kiyomi Schmidt and myself who met together over the phone almost daily to discuss and pray for everything.

I think the most important thing is that we keep going, and that we love each other, following our maternal heart.


Fannie Smith – WFWP USA Schools of Africa Coordinator

My daughters pulled a “Fannie” on me with their heartfelt comments upon my receiving the award at the GWPN reception. They were very inspired by the events with Mother Moon, and although they haven’t become WFWP members, they are coming around to understanding the value of WFWP.

I was just so very happy yesterday afternoon when I saw not only my Christian brothers and sisters, but also Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and others worshipping together and praising the Lord in this church! They all came together as one in an unprecedented way, beyond differences!

Also, the program schedule had a good variety of elements. It was not only gospel music, but there were the CARP students who blew us away with their music and dance, and the film about Mother Moon’s life.

What I hear Mother Moon saying, and I don’t understand Korean, but her heart is saying to all of us: “I LOVE YOU, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!”


Rhia Luz – Arizona Chairwoman

The Arizona chapter brought seven ladies to Los Angeles, including our special guest speaker for the GWPN event.

I had a personal experience that also contributes to bringing peace substantially: On the day of the rally I sprained my ankle badly and was not able to walk much. Immediately, my friends and WFWP sisters came over, prayed over me, massaged the foot and took care of me. They said: “We will pray for you!” That in and of itself was a great testimony to my guests and others in the hotel who watched the scene, and they expressed their curiosity about our organization. So I feel that peace will come about through people – people who take care of each other.


Katarina Connery – Vice-President WFWP USA

I have seen Mother Moon on several occasions, but this time I noticed how very beautiful and precious she is. At previous events, I heard the words, “Mother Moon is so beautiful” a lot, but this time I really felt it. It’s like when we take our own mothers for granted, then one day you suddenly realize how much they do for you and loved you.

At the rally, someone talked about the violence and hatred in the world. At that time I thought about the Bible passage that says that God created us in His own image. That means that we are also meant to be co-creators. So we can’t help but create the world in our own image. The world is filled with violence and hatred, because we are filled with violence and hatred inside. When we look at Mother Moon, we feel so much peace and love when we are with her, because she is completely peaceful inside. And she is trying to create a new world in her image. Wherever she goes, she exudes and brings peace.

Glenda Lambert – Former Chairwoman of Arizona

I was so inspired about the way Bishop Noel Jones treated Mother Moon, so warm and close, like his own mother. He revered her so wholeheartedly, and when he mentioned who Mother Moon is on the promo video, he said, “she is Mother Moon, Mama Moon.” So from now on I will also call her my Mama Moon!

Being of African descent, I couldn’t help but notice that the unity between Black and White was so important.


Dr. Susan Taffer – Arizona; Special guest speaker for the GWPN West Coast launching

I was truly moved by the many strong women present in the GWPN reception, so many chairwomen from around the West Coast and beyond! It was a pleasure to be among you!

Also I was happy to see many young people performing before Mother Moon spoke. I work with young people and believe that they will inherit the earth, and it is time to soon pass the baton to the next generation.

I have seen Mother Moon on different occasions for two years, but today I saw a special glow in her being! And I felt also that I myself begin to embody her more. She touched me deeply.


Emma Reed – Chairwoman of Southern California

All my guests were able to see that Mother Moon is truly a unifier. We had Muslims, Scientologists, Falun Gong, and Christians sitting together; such a beautiful expression of peace to have so many groups together and all enjoying the Peace Starts With Me rally.


Rose Mapendo – Guest from Arizona (Rose shared her reflections on the bus going back from the City of Refuge to the Sheraton Hotel.)

Today I learned a lot. It was a life changing experience for me. Today I saw the power of Mother Moon!

As a survivor of genocide in the Congo, I was deeply moved when I saw the film of Mother Moon during the rally, how she could escape from North Korea as a young girl. It reminded me so much of my own experience in the Congo.

All women, let’s move forward together! Giving up is not an option. Let us support one another. We will make it. There is a movement of revival going on. I am impressed by the dedication of the young women in WFWP together with President Selle – you trained them well. A good leader is training the next generation while we are still here.

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