USA: GPA Annual Family Workshop in Colorado


Prepared by FFWPU USA

Generation Peace Academy (GPA) held their annual Family Workshop at the Estes Park YMCA in Colorado beginning on April 26, just after GPA participants concluded a three-day workshop on True Parents’ life course taught by Dallas Pastor Rev. Hideyuki Sakai.

The focus for GPA during the second half of the year was to develop a stronger relationship with True Parents and appreciate the victorious foundation they stand upon. Rev. Sakai’s talks helped these second-generation Unificationists acknowledge their value and identity with a key role in supporting True Mother and the providence.

Friday evening kicked off with GPA performances, where students expressed their love for the countries they served. Following these performances, GPA students introduced their families to the group, enforcing one family under God. Closing the night, Jordan and Katherine Anglin gave a testimony about how God used their passion for travel and helping people to support Southeast Asia.

On Saturday morning, three Third-Year students presented the curriculum of the past GPA year, sharing how they learned from their varied experiences. This included an exciting presentation of  CIG Missionaries working in five countries, teaching the Divine Principle and embracing new guests. CIG Missionaries show tremendous promise in giving youth the experience of the joy of witnessing and gaining new Unificationists.

In a commitment to strengthen the transition after GPA, representatives of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM), and the GPA Alumni Association gave presentations showing a variety of exciting options available to GPA graduates to connect and contribute to their local community.

President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA Rev. Demian Dunkley gave an inspired explanation of the importance of Tribal Messiahship and the role of second-generation Unificationists in understanding the value of the Blessing. “The Unification movement needs to be proud of the Blessing and True Parents’ victory in restoring the family,” he said.

GPA testimonies began Saturday evening, testifying their appreciation for Heavenly Parent and their own parents, followed by family entertainment which included ballet, hula, rap, staff children’s performance, and multiple songs.

The next morning started off with two parent representatives, Mr. Daniel Krienbuehl and Mrs. Esther Batino, who shared testimonies about their children. As their children were transformed through GPA, their whole family also grew and created strong bonds of love with other GPA families.

Following this, an alumni second-generation couple, Isamu and Johanna Tsubaki, shared about how the foundation they gained through life of faith training prepared them for their Blessing.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, gave the Sunday Service sermon titled “America is God’s Hope.” His presentation outlined the providence building up to Vision 2020 and winning the heart of Christianity. Dr. Kim reminded the audience of the impact youth and young leaders have in restoring this nation and reaching out to Christianity. “The youth are the ones who have the pioneer spirit,” said Kim.

The GPA Families Workshop became an expression of hope for America and a call to action to all Blessed Families. They felt a desire to recommit to reviving America, and to empowering young Unificationists to step up to their key role in the transformation of culture to a culture of heart: a culture of Unificationist pride and Hyojeong to people who are excited to receive the value the youth have to offer.

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