USA: A Prayer Dinner to Remember


Prepared by FFWPU USA

This past Monday evening, May 6th, Las Vegas Family Church members, ACLC pastors and friends and acquaintances came together at the IPEC for the second Prayer Dinner in preparation for the June 22nd rally. At the first Prayer Dinner there were about 70 people. At this one, there were over 150! Just as Rev. Jenkins mentioned in his remarks, by the time of the rally, our Prayer Breakfasts will have grown so much that the rally will feel like a Prayer Breakfast with thousands of people!

To start the evening, the Las Vegas Family Church Praise Team performed four songs. Rev. Jackson, the emcee, then introduced Pastor Gibbons of Unity Baptist Church to offer the opening prayer to bless the meal. During the meal a French singer named Sylvie Boisel serenaded the audience with two beautiful French songs. Afterwards, the First Lady of The Wealthy Place, Mrs. Faye McDonald gave empowering words of welcome on the theme Peace Starts With Me. Following that, the national co-chair of ACLC, Dr. Luonne Rouse, prayed for God’s spirit to be present on June 22nd and he also invited up the daughter of the McDonald pastor couple to perform a song of gratitude.

Rev. Jenkins, the national chair of the Universal Peace Federation, introduced many VIPs in the audience including the chairman of the Family Film Institute, and government officials. Then he gave a rousing report about the past Peace Starts With Me rally on April 6th in Los Angeles, and testified to the many great works of our True Mother around the world.

To transition to the remarks by President Dunkley, everyone sang a song of praise together led by a brother named Jamal of a local church in Las Vegas.

President Dunkley spoke on the importance and hope for unity in this country and world. He spoke also on God’s dream for America and the importance of this nation. After his remarks, he introduced Elder Perry of the City of Refuge Church, the keynote speaker.

Elder Perry, shared about his experience of faith and how God worked for the preparation of the rally at his church on April 6th. He shared readings of God’s words. He testified to God’s promises, and the importance of faith and trust in God. He also preached on our value as sons and daughters of the Almighty God. He gradually became more and more passionate until his face was covered in sweat. He invested everything in his 45 minute speech. One could see True Father’s spirit that night. He also preached on the responsibility of chosen people and he encouraged the audience that they are chosen. He encouraged the audience to break through the voices in their heads and the negativity in the outside world that stops them from living up to the standard of those that are chosen.

Overall it was an incredibly inspiring and powerful night. Surely, it is a Prayer Dinner that will not be forgotten.

The next Prayer Dinner will take place on Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM at IPEC. Join us for another amazing and  empowering night! The Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Mary House of Mountaintop Faith Ministries.

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