United Kingdom: Ministers’ Seminar

By June Darby, FFWPU UK

We held a Ministers’ Seminar on May 11, 2019, teaching Principles of Peace with 12 Pastor attending. Pastor Carlo Zaccarelli taught the Principles of Creation and Rev. Isaac Ayani explained briefly the Fall and the Mission of Jesus as our time was shortened by late arrivals.

We had more Pastor’s than last time as half of them were Rev Isaac ‘s contacts. It was encouraging to feel a very strong and high Spiritual Presence.
We are very grateful to Rev Isaac for his support and for his wife who began the event with powerful praising and prayer and to Pastor Carlo for his moving presentation.

We could not have held a successful event without the help of our ABC supporters – Anne Kobayashi, Naomi Gyoten, Rita O’Neill, Huguette Moloney, Bayo Sobambi and John O’Neill, who is so dedicated, visiting many different Pastors .

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