Ukraine: International Conference of Global Women’s Peace Network

Prepared by WFWP Ukraine

On May 13, 2019, we held our 12th annual International Conference of Global Women’s Peace Network, with the theme “Woman as a repository of harmony in the family and society”. The event took place in Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. We had about 550 participants from different parts of Ukraine. Around 100 participants were new contacts, 50 – internal WFWP members, and 400 – outside WFWP members and existing contacts of WFWP-Ukraine, our partners and friends. 19 VIP guests and international guests from Japan, Spain, Lithuania.

The event goals

  • To give education with TP ideas to the conference participants who represented all areas of modern society: government, civil society, education, business, NGO, culture.
  • To strengthen foundation for GWPN in Ukraine, Europe and worldwide.
  • To summarize WFWP-Ukraine one-year activity.
  • To develop WFWP Network in Ukraine by increasing membership.
  • To strengthen cooperation with existing partners and to find new ones.
  • To promote traditional family and raise the spirit of patriotism among youth.

This year event went in cooperation with Public platform “People help people” and was attended by such high VIPs as a Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine Committee on Health Care, Romny City mayor, and others.

Main speakers were Mrs. Marcia de Abreu, WFWP-Spain president; Mrs. Tetiana Kotseba, WFWP-Ukraine head of the board. Mrs. Omori Nobuko – overseas volunteer for Ukraine, WFWP Japan have read the welcoming address from the WFWP-International president in the conference beginning.

Traditionally the conference had «Woman of the Year» award ceremony, where 9 outstanding women of Ukraine received this award in different nominations: “Woman-state figure”, “Woman-artist”, “Woman-public figure”, “Woman-educator”, “Woman-scientist” and others.

The event also included award ceremony for the winners of children’s creative competition, dated to Mother’s Day; musical performances; a lottery with prizes in the end.

The event was highlighted by several Internet & social media.

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