UK: Peace Blessing – Home is where the Heart is

Prepared by FFWPU UK

On Tuesday April 30th, around 50 people gathered together at 123 Bournbrook Road in Birmingham, representing 18 different nationalities, inviting God’s blessing into our midst and recognizing the central importance of ‘family’, in our lives and in society.

Many were new friends of ours, while others were friends of more than 20 years standing! Two ladies were delighted to meet each other again, after many years, having studied in college together. Another elderly Muslim lady was surprised to see her sister there, her sister having been invited by someone else!

We were honoured to have the Indian Consul General and his wife with us, and another lady who has a number of connections into the UK Central Government. About 10 of our friends, who had previously attended the Blessing, kindly came to support the evening.

We explained about the scope of our Peace Federation’s activities, locally, nationally and internationally, which helps create a sense of solidarity and connectedness to other parts of the world, many of which were represented in the room, and including pictures of the Blessing taking place in other nations. Then David gave a talk about the purpose and value of the Blessing, which lead into us sharing the Holy Nectar together, followed by our promise to uphold the values of our respective faith traditions, the sanctity of marriage, to try and raise our children in purity, and finally to be a blessing to others and the wider society.

Interfaith prayers were then said from the Sikh, Jewish, Hindu, Christian and Muslim traditions, and we concluded with six Ambassador for Peace awards to some very worthy recipients, who are doing so much good work in service to others. All in all, a wonderful, experience, carried out in a high spiritual atmosphere because of the collective goodness which all our dear friends brought with them to enhance the evening together.

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