True Peace Magazine April 2019 Issue


Prepared by True Peace Magazine team

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Main Contents

  1. Article One: Peace Starts with Me: True Mother at the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles, CA
  2. True Parents’ Messages: True Parents’ Responsibility and Authority
  3. Christianity’s Mission from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence and United States’ Responsibilities
  4. We Have Much Still to Do
  5. Pictorial section: PHOTO MEMORIES
  6. True family member speaks: Connecting Heart to Heart
  7. Generations: Breathing New Life into Young People Worldwide
  8. Heavenly Lifestyle: Writing to True Mother
  9. Strategic Thinking: Miraculous Abound in Africa, Cooperative Interaction and Breakthroughs
  10. Senegal: Cleansing Souls, Beautifying the Environment, Senegal’s Next Steps

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