USA: The Blessing & Family Ministry Leadership Retreat in Las Vegas


Prepared by FFWPU USA

The Blessing & Family Ministry (BFM) is currently hosting a national gathering of leaders in the areas of matching education, marriage enrichment, and family empowerment in Las Vegas at the International Peace Education Center.

A total of 75 participants are spending four days networking, developing stronger relationships, and discussing how to effectively support the Blessed Families in our movement.

Participants include local BFM Coordinators, Matching Supporters, and local Pastors from all five Subregions and every District of America. Participants are especially inspiring each other with their testimonies of BFM activity in their community. The retreat is generating a sense of community and shared heart and experience.

We are fortunate to have two staff from the International Blessed Family Department, Katsuyoshi Motoyama and Monika Lajdová, who spent their time listening to participants and answering questions.

Crescentia DeGoede, Director of the National BFM and coordinator for the rearer, shared:

“It’s been really enjoyable to observe the participants interacting with each other and gaining positive energy through their sharing and listening to one another. I’m excited for all of the new initiatives and new services that will be offered in communities through the nation as a result of the plans that are being made here.”

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