The 1st European Hyojeong Songwriting Workshop – CREATE


By Stefan Schmid

The first European songwriting workshop of the Hyojeong Culture Department, lead by Kazuha Canak and supervised by Stefan and Jae-Sook Schmid, welcomed twelve young adults from Hungary, Ireland, England and Germany on April 21–28, 2019, held in Hurlach, Bavaria, Germany.

The workshop also enjoyed the attendance of VIPs such as regional chair Dr. Michael Balcomb and central region presidential couple, Dieter and Ana Schmidt. None of them wanted to miss out on the chance of stopping by at this special seminar.

Since our priority was to have enough time for composing songs, we limited the lectures to essential topics. Kazuha led an inspiring discussion on the essence and goals of a culture of Hyojeong. Sarah Eide shared via Zoom call some valuable tips and insights on writing message-driven lyrics while staying authentic. David Rennie gave a hands-on presentation on the theory of art from the unification philosophy by Dr. med. Sang Hun Lee. Heidi Wakayama, an experienced musician, supported the young participants with advice wherever she could.

The Schmid’s house was full of life! Whenever there was some spare time, the musicians would gather in the living room to jam together and have lots of fun.

For a better understanding and to avoid too high expectations: Famous bands join together for at least a full year to compose, write lyrics, and record 10–12 songs. We did it in eight days!!! Aju!

And, of course, we took inspirational trips to the nearby Alps. True Parents stood at the exact same point on the bridge over the Pöllat gorge at the Neuschwanstein castle in 1981.

We started every day at 7:30 am with reading True Father’s quotes and speeches about music and ended most of our creative work around 2 am. We recorded the new songs during the last three days of the workshop, completing most of the songs in my studio space.

To conclude the workshop, we organized a musical service in the Munich community. I took on the role of the MC and David Rennie and Kazuha each gave a short talk. The seats were occupied to the last chair and there were more 2nd gen than 1st gen present.

The community was touched by the songs and the atmosphere and many had tears in their eyes. We were completely relaxed and felt that we don’t have to worry about the future that’s in good hands of our young people. Of the twelve new songs we wrote and composed, eight were presented.

All listeners were overwhelmed by the quality of the melodies, harmonies and lyrics. I personally was very moved by the musicians’ deep faith and great love for the True Parents. My wish is to have a small tour with the workshop participants through the communities of Germany (and Europe) to enrich them with these beautiful new songs.

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