Thailand: HJ Leadership Training

Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

64 Government and Community Leaders attended 6 Day HJ Leadership Training Program for raising up Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator, lecturer, Home Group leader, CIG owner and new Heavenly Tribal Messiah.  Through lectures of Divine Principle, True Parents’ Life Course, Significance of Blessing, 3-day ceremony, Blessed Family Tradition, Home Group, Morning Devotion led by Dr. Yong with practicing and role play; this workshop become successful.  Most of participants determine to practice T True Parents’ teaching and tradition in order to build Ideal Families and take and take ownership to restore their community to become CIG through mission of New Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

Workshop organized at HJ CheonBo Heaven & Earth Training Center of Asia Pacific Branch at Pak Chong district, Thailand from 8 – 13 May 2019.  Most of participants are government, community and youth leaders from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area.  Including lecturer and staff, there are 90 participants

This is historical workshop to have a goal to uplift the momentum of Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence for restoration of CIG by making new core blessed families to discover their filial heart “Hyo Jeong” toward True Parents taking ownership over mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah, determination to make their communities to become CIG, ability to work with government and community leaders as coordinator, ability to give Divine Principle lecture, Significance of Blessing and 3 day ceremony and leading Home Group.

Universal Divine Principle based on Ideal Family and True Parents’ life course lecture gave by Mr.Warakorn Sam-ang, Divine Principle lecturer of FFWPU Thailand.  Mrs.Sangkom Netsopa, Director of BFD and HTM Victor of Kalasin group gave lecture on Significance of Blessing and 3 day ceremony.  Mrs.Watcharin Kaewlamsak and Mrs.Paitoon Petchnil gave lecture on how to become HTM coordinator and Home Group.  Rev.Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader gave lecture on CheonBo Providence.  Dr.Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy gave lecture on HTM Providence and historical development of FFWPU Thailand.  The high light of this workshop that melt and inspire all participants to take ownership and want to be filial children of True Parent is 5 lectures during Morning Devotion by Dr. Yong about Earthly Life and Spiritual World and Attribute of True Love.

Most of participants begin their life of faith and filial heart toward True Parents.  They start their prayer life, understanding clearly about value of blessing and lineage.  One couple gave testimony about 3 day ceremony that the wife met True Father spiritually through her eyes and dreams after they completed 3 day ceremony on the third night that really move the heart of all participants.  Participants understand how to present the project and work with government and how to practice blessed family tradition daily and know how to teach others.  The most advance success of this workshop is participants have confidence to lead and establish Home Group in their communities and have strong determination to become FFWPU coordinators.

After all participants went back home, many participants really express their gratitude for what they have learned and experienced through workshop, they determine and start to plan how to restore 430 families and they can be Heavenly Tribal Messiah victors recognized by True Parents.  Many of them share their experience and witness to their relatives and communities to take ownership in Heavenly Tribal Messiah project more for the goal to transform their hometown to become Ideal Blessed Families Community Center.  Some government leaders start to find the way to raise fund and network of people to support Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP project.  They keep communication between community leaders to encourage and cheer up to each other to invest for project more and become Heavenly Tribal Messiah Victor.

This 6 day workshop has developed from the experience of organizing 3 day Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leadership School last April 2018 and 25 day HJ Leadership Training Program of Asia-Pacific.  Heavenly Tribal Messiah Thailand has difficulty to send participants to attend long period as 25 days, so we initiate 6 days program.  The result come out quite Ok that we can raise up life of faith and ownership of all participants to fulfill mission Heavenly Tribal Messiah in some level.  This is really help upgrade Heavenly Tribal Messiah Thailand for the goal to restore the nation to become CIG.  However, many government and community leaders really request to make it shorter as 4 days program, so high government and community leaders can be possible to attend more.  Then, we can make quality and expected outcome of workshop to be higher because high ranking officer can attend.  We plan to organize 4 day HJ Leadership Training Program in July.

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