Thailand: HJ CheonBo Workshop at HJ CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center of Asia Pacific


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It was for the first time that we could organized full scale 2 Day HJ CheonBo Workshop (from May 18 to 19, 2019) since the time that True Mother decided to select FFWPU Thailand Training Center at Pak Chong district to be HJ CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center, Asia Pacific Branch. All 770 participants from 10 countries feel so much amazing grace, blessing and love from Heavenly Parent. This is including 120 participants from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area. Many of them feel miracle of spiritual healing as well as spiritual healing. Painful legs, painful arms got cure.

70 years old ladies climbed the mountain of tree of love and when she come back she got cured from leg pain. Spiritual atmosphere of Chanyang Yeoksa were very high. Many blessed families, second generation, CARP members and Heavenly Tribal Messiah members all feel purification and sanctification experience through Chanyang Yeoksa. 2 sisters from Buriram province felt the smell of dead corpse come to them when first time they heard about CheonBo lecture, so they decided to register for ancestor liberation. Then, this group of 10 people from Buriram all got smell of Jasmine flower (holy flower for worship Buddha) at the time of holding hand ancestor during ancestor liberation. Some senior persons who open to spiritual world from Kalasin and Nadun district of Heavenly Tribal Messiah area told others that this training center is really holy land which full of heavenly fortune and good spirit, motivate others to invest and have faith in this workshop. Many of them got very clear feeling of liberation of evil from their mind and bodies, then they get cure and very happy. Many of them expressed that they really disappointed that they have to sleep outside resort, they want to sleep in Pak Chong training center at night in order to gain more grace from True Parents.

All participants went back home with great experience and testimonies and full of gratitude toward True Parents and FFWPU. Most participants expressed that they want to come back to attend workshop at Pak Chong again. They collect the fruit and seeds of Tree of love back home in order to worship. They expressed that how they can invite CheonBo workshop to their hometown. Some group of participants from Kalasin who leaders graduate from 6-day Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator workshop already decided to collect money to visit Cheongpyeong Holy Ground and meet True Mother by 2020. In addition, many second generation, CARP members and blessed families also receive so much grace from Heavenly Parent and they really grow in life of faith. This is such a happy day in history of Unification movement Thailand. This is so much good news and results from CheonBo.

We are utmost grateful to True Mother for support and appoint Pak Chong Training Center become HJ CheonBo Training Center of Asia Pacific Branch. True Parents’ amazing grace, love and sovereignty really work amazingly in Pak Chong Training Center. Many senior blessed families expressed that they never imagine that they experience of Chanyang and holy group prayer that they experience in Cheongpyeong since more than 20 years ago, they can have the same kind of holy experience in Pak Chong. They feel so much tears of gratitude toward True Mother to embrace and uplift Pak Chong Training center to be holy ground of Asia Pacific and even we can expand CheonBo providence to every Heavenly Tribal Messiah area.

We are so grateful to Dr.Chung Sik Yong, Group Chairman of Asia Pacific who always gave us vision and conviction that through Holy Spirit from CheonBo providence, we can lift up Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence into greater dimension. This time, the Buddhists from countryside of Heavenly Tribal Messiah area expressed that they went to many temples, pagoda, Buddhist monastery or meditation training; they never experience any place like ChoenBo workshop. The truth is clear, but more than that Chanyang session and spirit are higher than many places they went before. We truly feel that spiritual power of CheonBo providence will expand rapidly and lift up level of faith and commitment of new members from Heavenly Tribal Messiah and help Thailand and Asia Pacific to uplift momentum for restoration of CIG substantially.

True Parents have supported and chosen FFWPU Thailand Training Center at Pak Chong district of Thailand to be HJ CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center of Asia Pacific Branch. It is amazing grace of all Thai and Asia Pacific members to have this training center in our region. The full scale of 2 Day HJ CheonBo Workshop was organized for first time on 18 – 19 May 2019 which is included Chanyang Yeoksa, HJ Offering Ceremony, Ancestor Liberation until 430 generation and Blessing Ceremony. There are 10 nations including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Japanese, Philippines and Thai attend ceremony. Also, there are 120 new blessed family members from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area attended. It is the first time that more than half of Chanyang team is second generation and they play many important role in the workshop.

It is amazing result that all participants feel the special grace throughout the workshop and holy land of this workshop site. Some spiritualists who sensitive to spiritual world from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area told everybody that this CheonBo workshop site is holy land and full of good spirit and ask all of them to invest and pray seriously in order to inherit heavenly fortune from this training center. Some of them feel sorry that they have to stay in other resort nearby at night time, so they lost the chance to inherit heavenly fortune more.

Participants felt healing and good spiritual experience during Chanyang Yeoksa session. Many of them cried so much and feel the sense of liberation and releasing of evil elements and sickness from their minds and bodies. Many testimonies from Heavenly Tribal Messiah members expressed that their sickness was cured, their fatique and difficulty disappear During Chanyang of ancestor liberation session, many of them feel the spirit of their ancestors come to them in the very beautiful and dignify way. 10 Heavenly Tribal Messiah members from Buriram province feel the smell of Jasmin flowers in the same moment around the end of Chanyang and during hold hand to pray for ancestors. There are many spiritual experiences during Chanyang and ancestor liberation. Many of them really feel Holy Grace through HJ Offering Ceremony.

Many participants gave testimony including Sub-district Headmen from Nadun district that their painful arms, backs and legs were cured through Chanyang Yeoksa. On the second day, many of them pray at holy ground at tree of love and climb the mountain to pray at tree of blessing. They can feel the holiness of prayer at these 2 holy grounds. Many of them bow down and pray for their ancestors. There are few testimonies expressed the similar experience from old participants from Kalasin Heavenly Tribal Messiah that they feel pain in their legs and feel difficult to climb to visit tree of blessing on top of the mountain. But after they climb and pray at tree of blessing, their painful legs were cured and no more pain.

Many members from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area collected the seed and fruit of tamarind tree which is tree of blessing back home in order to worship them at home. So many member who came from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area expressed that they want to come back to HJ CheonBo training center at Pak Chong again and again to inherit Heavenly Fortune and prepare money for ancestor liberation. They said they went to pilgrimage and practice meditation in many temples, pagodas and places in Thailand; but no place like Pak Chong. Our training center, workshop, Chanyang Yeoksa and Ancestor Liberation are very holy and can feel so much healing, liberation and encouragement from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. All participants feel so grateful to True Parents who establish CheonBo training center in Korea, teach us everything and make us be able to receive so much blessing.


Khamsee Akkasee, Village Headmen of 7th village, Lamnongsean subdistrict, Nong Gung Sri district, Kalasin: There is one village leader from Nong Gung Sri district of Kalasin who attend 6 days Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator workshop one week before CheonBo workshop. He learned about how to become successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah, Divine Principle, True Parents’ life course and CheonBo providence. He was so inspired and decided to work hard to support and expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP project in his sub-district. This 2 day CheonBo workshop, he brought many blessed families from his villages to attend CheonBo workshop. They all got amazing spiritual experience of grace and heavenly fortune. Now this group of villagers determine to fulfill mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah and collect money to go to pilgrimage Cheongpyeong Holy Ground and meet True Parents in 2020. He told us that he already believes and experience so much Holy Spirit of CheonBo Holy Ground at Pak Chong since 6 day Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator workshop. His decision to bring many Heavenly Tribal Messiah members from his village is correct. They all got very good spiritual experience and love from True Parents and Heavenly Parent. He feels so grateful.

Senior lady from Heavenly Tribal Messiah area of Nadun district, Kalasin Heavenly Tribal Messiah area: One participants from Kalasin Heavenly Tribal Messiah said that anybody who can come here is really so lucky. She dreams that evil in my bodies was get rid of from my body. The wickedness and mistake that I did in the past was squeezed out from my body. This make me feel lighter and comfort. I feel so grateful to FFWPU that invite me to participate here, I will go back to expand this CheonBo to my friends who cannot come. Hopefully, they can attend in the near future.

Manassapon Naksa-ing, 19 years old, SG: I have very good and deep experience. I was so moved and gained so much power when Cheonbo staff (uncle Prasert) came out and lead chanyang. My tears flow down as if those are my ancestors’ tears with sorrow and pain. Through this time chanyang, I feel closer to my ancestors. I got a special experience and inspiration that move my heart and strengthen my inner energy to do my very best in my responsibility and duty. I was so inspired by a lecture from Dr. Kim. He mentioned about True Mother’s motto which I really love that is be grateful today more than yesterday, tomorrow more than today. These words make me feel that we should be grateful here and now and every moment. I was inspired to do something to make True Parents happy and feel that I don’t want to wait any longer or delay.

My special experience was in the time when I communicate with my ancestors after chanyang. During that time I felt my ancestors sit in front and listen to me. I felt the love of ancestors and after that I went to the small prayer room for the first time. From the very step as I stepped in the prayer room, I could not control my tears at all. I felt the love from True Parents comforting me. It is a very difficult feeling to describe. Thank you so much for a lot of blessing that we could receive. I will always keep this kind of energy and inspiration and use it in every day of my life.

Janipa Suai-luek, 16 years old, second generation: When doing Chanyang, I don’t feel tired at all but full of energy and don’t afraid to be hurt. After finish Chanyang, I feel I receive ore energy and feel lighter like a receive liberation. After finish first session Chanyang, I pray to God to please reveal the inspiration to me. After that there are two more sessions of Chanyang. Suddenly I feel in my brain that God speak to me that Chanyang is like life line, even though hitting is make us pain but after finish I can feel very good. Like a when we confront with many problems if we continue to invest and endure that the achievement is waiting at the end and we will be full of happiness after we can pass. I have experience when I did Chanyang of ancestor liberation ceremony, I feel that many ancestor really hold my right arm and sit beside me.

Phattararat Lam, New Blessed Family who had completed 3 days ceremony from Buriram Heavenly Tribal Messiah, 56 years old: 4 days before CheonBo workshop, I was in Pak Chong training center at the last night of 6 day HJ Leadership Training Program for raising Heavenly Tribal Messiah coordinator. The last lecture in that evening is CheonBo Providence. In that night before I slept, I could smell the death bodies of people come to me. I truly feel that they are my ancestors who came to request to me to attend 2 day CheonBo workshop in order for them to liberate. So, I decide that I have to come back to Pak Chong training center again to liberate my ancestor.

3 days later, I came back again in the group of 10 people from Buriram. During the period of Chanyang ancestor liberation, when we hold hand ancestor, suddenly, our group of 10 people can feel the good smell of Jasmine flowers. We wonder and ask in our mind who use the Jasmine flower perfume, but we know that nobody use, all 10 people from Buriram really believe that the good ancestors really come to us to celebration ancestor liberation ceremony to release the suffering of our ancestor. After finish workshop, I went back too late, so I slept in FFWPU Buriram center. That night I had dreamed that I had offered Wish Paper to True Parents. In that dream, there is the huge snake surround my wish paper that I wrote. Then, that snake pour out fire from its mouth till wish paper become ashes and fly to the air. Then, I suddenly wake up and pray to True Parents to please accept this wish paper. I feel really connect to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. This is my good experience with CheonBo workshop that I would like to share to everybody.

Ms. Patchaya Thongpan , CARP member , 22 years old: By attending Chanyang session, atmosphere is very holy. I feel touched with the grace from heaven through Chanyang feel like many angels surrounding me and embrace me up and sanctified bad spirits out of my body. My heart felt like receiving very warm embrace from heaven and I cannot express by best gratitude. I, daughter of Heavenly Parent, receive so holy atmosphere as I never feel before from anywhere. It made my heart feel so moved and my tears of gratitude down so much. I feel so grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the grace that they bestowed to me.

Throughout this 2 day workshop, I receive so much love and grace from heaven until I cannot explain. The atmosphere is very heartistic and my heart is much closed to God and Heavenly Parent more than any time. Atmosphere of our brothers and sisters are very holy. I feel like a Pak Chong Training center are full of Holy Spirit dwelling here. It is like an Ideal 2 Day that we all brothers sisters spend time together, practice Heavenly Tradition together centering on Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and every second is like a my heart receive warm embracing from Heaven and giving so much energy into the heart of me, your daughter.

Mr. Nantapat Panamatang 53 years old, from Buriram province Heavenly Tribal Messiah: I am happy and inspired to know the teaching of True Parents. I will expand this in my family, community and society. I really want to do tribal messiah as a gift for True Mother. I am so happy and so lucky to come here and received inspiration to offer myself as filial child for Heavenly Parent and True Parents who have given love life and blood lineage to me and my family.

Mrs. Wanida Ya-luem-dee, 25 years old, CARP member: I join Chanyang team, my responsibility is main Vocal which has to use my feet a lot, however during rehearsal I got pain at my foot. I became so worry that my foot got pain too strong until I cannot endure. So, I come to pray room and pray with utmost sincerity to request that my foot will getting better. I pray seriously request for help from Heavenly Parent, absolute good spirit will come to carry my feet to get pain. Finally, until the end of workshop, even though it is serious injury at my foot but because I pray with utmost sincerity and strongest determination, I don’t feel pain at my feet at all. I truly know that Heavenly Parent and True Parents never abandon me and I have the strongest wish to become filial daughters that can make True Parents can feel proud. This is what I truly want to fulfill.

Every time I go up on the stage, I always pray with spirit of love and heart of salvation. Even though the body feel very tired but my heart always said to me that I am the daughter of Heavenly Parent. I want to be legs and arms for Heavenly Parent, even though I am tired but I will never give up. I really wish that one day I can join Chanyang team in Korea to gain more experience. I really wish to develop my heart and love. I become full of smile when I saw people in front of me invest for Chanyang and at the same time I cannot stop tears from eyes.

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