Sweden: Blessing of Marriage

By Ing-Marie Hedberg Kikuchi, FFWPU Sweden

A Blessing of marriage by our beloved True Parents took place at Finspång in Sweden, on the 4th of May 2019. At this event, Seven Swedish – Thai couples were blessed and many single guests joined as well.

This is the third blessing festival event with Swedish – Thai couples. We worked together with our ambassador for peace, Chanya Mellgren, a Thai lady from Örnsköldsvik. She was the Thai MC for the blessing,

The event took place in a Thai restaurant that we rented for a day. A monk from a temple in Norrköping also participated in the blessing and gave his support.

Jan-Peter Östberg gave a separate education for the Swedish husbands while their Thai wives are watching at video lecture in Thai.

25 members from Malmö, Stockholm, Uppsala and Katrineholm came to participate and help with the blessing. We had lunch together with the participants and we also had entertainment.

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  1. Toshihiro kajihara says:

    Hello! Congratulations for 2nd Rally of Hope! my name is Toshihiro Kajihara.
    I am belonging satsuma branch church in Kagoshima no.5district JAPAN.
    I am 6000blessed couples and caretaker of them. In 1970’s , I and my wife Takeko ware members of IOWC (2nd). At that time, I was a member of performance team worked with Jan-Peter(Sweden),
    Knut(Norway),Vivi(Finland),Daniel(France) and two Japanese sisters.
    On HJGlobal News , I found Jan-Peter with Swedish members. We, Kajiha ra family are fine even under the Coronavirus. Please tell Jan-Peter Ostberg so. May Heavenly Parents be with all of Swedish members!

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