Spain: High Noon


By Erika and Artur Beshaj, FFWPU Spain

On Monday 7th of May, High Noon (On May 8 to 9, 2019) composed by 6 people and a 7 months baby arrived in Madrid from USA beginning their tour of 8 weeks in Europe. We welcomed them in our Training center “El manantial del Corazon” (The source of Heart). They enjoyed this quiet place to settle down in Europe as they have one day free before beginning their work in Madrid on Wednesday May 9th.

The program on Wednesday was a presentation of their work by Andrew Love, followed by a testimony of how David and Mitsue (1st gen couple) began this mission seeing the reality of our world and how it has influence in our community, then testimonies of Sammy and Yigyu, and the resources they are offering to be able to overcome the influence of pornography and really build a happy and beautiful life without shadows.

This program is very important, and their work is really necessary as our goal is to build happy families and live a happy and healthy life without shadows. Every person in our communities can benefit from their work.

After their presentations we divided in two groups, one with questions and answers, and another group for couples with David and Mitsue who spoke about Heavenly Intimacy, inspired by True Parent´s words.



“This event really impacted me. Not only for the content but also for the fact that this group will be traveling restlessly throughout Europe for 8 weeks with the sole intention of wanting to help us, especially young people. The content of the talks seemed very good because they explain it clearly and help young people to take clear and concrete steps on how to overcome the problems of masturbation and pornography step by step. As the director of the HARP I have to help many younger brothers and the topics and the tools they have given us have been very valuable. I am very grateful for everything they do for us.”

Stefan Campillo Fette. Madrid, Spain.

At the beginning I was a little bit shocked but at the end of the lecture, I understood the importance of speaking about these topics. Thank you for this initiative which helped us to be opened. I understood that we have to support each other and speak openly in our community. It was a great help for me now, and also cleared my ideas how to be better parents for my children in the future. It´s something we must be aware. Thank you High Noon.

High Noon in Barcelona on Tuesday May 9th

As blessed families we have to focus more on this type of problems that affect our society and especially our second generation. I believe that the conferences has a very good message and for us, the parents, we should be more opened to talk and discuss with our children and young people so that they are prepared to face these types of problems. Many thanks to the entire High Noon group for the effort they make in helping blessed families.

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