Slovakia: International Day of Families


By Janja Rybarova, FFWPU Slovakia

On May 15, 2019, on the occasion of the International Day of Families, FFWPU Slovakia held a lecture in Bratislava, which was entitled Why Fidelity Matters. It was the first lecture of the planned series of lectures to introduce the meaning of the Blessing to the public which is connected to a project called Faithful Married Couples we had started before on the Internet.

Despite unfavorable weather conditions and Ice Hockey World Championship (hockey being the most popular sport in Slovakia) taking place in these days, quite some guests came to attend the lecture given by our National Leader Miroslav Rybár. His presentation was a short and clear explanation of God’s purpose of restoration history focused on faithfulness to God’s word and marital fidelity including chastity before marriage, which naturally culminates in God’s desire to give the Blessing through True Parents. We could feel the lecture made the guests thoughtful.

We want to continue with the lectures in other cities, and the next one will be in the city of Nitra.

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