Sierra Leone: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Experience

True Parents, who have granted us the title of Heavenly Tribal  Messiah, have blessed us, saying, ‘Do not worry about whether or not it will work. True Parents have established the realm of fortune in heaven and on earth, so you will see miracles wherever you pursue your mission and wherever you proclaim True Parents’. ”  Philosophy: What is a Heavenly Tribal Messiah? pp 16.


By Francis & Brigitte Fobbie

My wife and I are 30,000 couples – blessed in August 1992. I am from Sierra Leone (SL) and my wife is from DRC Congo. We always wanted to bless our tribes but never really had a clue how to do it. On the 1st February, 2019, one of my eldest brothers, who was a local Imam, went to the spirit world.

We decided to attend the 40th-day funeral right ceremony but use the event as an opportunity to bless the family members, guests and sympathisers who would attend the occasion. We contacted the Paramount Chief for the Chiefdom (Jaiama Bongour Chiefdom) for his consent and further sort the consent of all the town chiefs.

The objective was to do the blessing on a wider and larger community level, thereby involving more couples.

Connecting to the Country’s National Leader

Four weeks before we left the UK, where we reside, for the HTM activities in Sierra Leone, we contacted the National Leader, Rev Sylvester Moriba.

He advised that we do an internal condition, which we had already started (a 40-day condition) before contacting him.

He and another brother, Brother Bankole Pratt, liaised with the Chiefs, local pastors and Imams for their consent before commencing the registering couples for the blessing.

We arrived in SL on 1st April, but before we landed, more than 700 couples were registered. We did all the activities with tremendous help from the National Leader and the SL Community/Church. We financed the entire HTM activities including transportation, blessing materials, feeding and even bought two cows for each of the two blessing events that we organized.

Our Preparation

Once we decided to go and do the Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities, internally we felt a real sense of calmness and conviction that we had made the right decision. We were, however, concerned about three issues: success of the event in terms of logistics, who to care for our 12-year old while we are away, and our safety and security.

The Three Spiritual Pillars and Answers

During HDC one morning, we came across this passage, “ …the heavenly tribal messiah mission that True Parents have bestowed on the blessed families after the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guks is the greatest of all blessings. All blessed families will come to experience Heavenly Parent’s and True Parent’s blessing and gift through doing heavenly tribal messiah activities with a heart of gratitude. True Parents, who have granted us the title of Heavenly Tribal Messiah, have blessed us, saying, ‘Do not worry about whether or not it will work. True Parents have established the realm of fortune in heaven and on earth, so you will see miracles wherever you pursue your mission and wherever you proclaim True Parents’”.

On another occasion, a biblical verse, Matthew 5:13-16, which talks about been “…light of the world, let your light shine and salt of the earth…” also became prominent in our HDC session.

Psalm 121 was just the verses that addressed our safety and security concerns.

Our Concerns Addressed

To our greatest surprise, our eldest daughter, in her final year at university, agreed to do two weeks of her course work at home so that she could stay with her younger sister while we were away.

Added to that, we were  provided with a dedicated vehicle with a driver from the day we arrived until the day we departed SL. It just so happened that all our fears and concerns were addressed effectively and efficiently…so grateful and thankful we are for all of the remarkable things that happened to us.

One thing that was really resounding was that, the “harvest was plenty but the labourers were few”. Support from HP & TPs were invisible yet tangible – we are truly grateful for all of the visible and invisible sources of help.

Our Goal

  • Bless our 430 couples.
  • Help the National Leader get their 430 couples.
  • Lay a foundation for other families locally and internationally to get and bless their own tribes in SL, West Africa.

With gratitude and thanks to HP and TPs, we were able to achieve those goals and it was indeed a great success. Again, our heart of gratitude to the SL Community. We arranged two blessing events – 7th & 14 April – and blessed a total of 908 couples. We registered over one thousand couples and more than 200 registered couples are yet to be blessed. We got our 430 couples and the SL National Leader also got theirs. There are tremendous opportunities and we really encourage everybody to do something – YES you can!

Foundation and Opportunities

We donated two footballs and two trophies to the communities where we held the blessings and they were happily received by the Chiefs. It was indeed a moving experience for us as we did the blessings in my hometown: my father’s side and my mother’s side.

With great spiritual help, we also laid some foundation to help blessed families in UK, Europe or anywhere else, who want to get 430 couples, to get their tribes in SL, West Africa. While we were there, we connected to the Ministers’ Network, comprising of more than 20 Ministers each with a large congregation. Added to that, we shared our vision with some Chiefs; and, they are all willing to cooperate…so the foundation and opportunities are there. If there are families who can fund the HTM activities in Sierra Leone, we have put some foundation in place to do the event on a District Level (or a County level in UK terms) in one of the Districts. This will attract more couples from Christian and Muslim faiths.


Do You Need Help Getting Your Tribe?

We would love to help anybody or a group of families that are interested or want to get more information, our contact details are:

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