Russia: Unite with Villagers for Annual Spring Cleanup


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

FFWPU members in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, with the purpose of witnessing and caring for the environment, held a volunteer cleanup in the village of Putevka on Saturday, April

  1. Both volunteers from the Family Federation and local residents participated. Every year more and more people help, and there seems to be less garbage!

The locals apologized if they were late, showed places where there was a lot of rubbish and tried to help. For example, one friend stopped by on the way to bringing his child to a class, apologized for not participating, but then offered to come back afterward and take the collected garbage to the containers in the trunk of his car.

It is great that the village youth have joined in this cleanup, along with the children of our members. The boys, who seemed to love only to drive all-terrain vehicles or to play football, helped very well in cleaning.

After the work was done, we enjoyed tea with cakes in the sunshine.

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