Peru: Peace Road 2019


Prepared by UPF Peru

On Saturday, April 27, the “PEACE ROAD 2019 PERU” was officially launched, with a 6km walk “Cuetina 2019 for life, peace and the practice of sports”.

Ambassadors for peace and students of the prestigious Technological Institute Carlos Cueto Fernandini participated in this activity.

During the walk, the population applauded the peace walkers, and also the Ambassadors for Peace committed themselves to work more for peace in Peru and the World.

The Walk for Peace was concluded by presenting acknowledgments to the Ambassadors for Peace, Director Dr. Alejandrino Ramírez Castillo and professors of the STP Institute. Carlos Cueto Fernandini, who had shown excellent management of the event and who live according to the guiding principles of Peace of the UPF.

On behalf of our President of UPF Peru, Dr. Trevor E. Jones, was Mr. Jaime Fernández Tupac, UPF General Secretary, who gave a final closing message for the Peace Road 2019 activity, where he gave special thanks to the Ambassadors for Peace who were present on this important day.

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