Paraguay: Reflections from HJ CheonBo Workshop


 Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

We held Hyojeong CheonBo Special Workshop in Paraguay as part of CheonBo Tour 2019 in heavenly Latin America on May 25-26, 2019, in Atyra. Here we present the reflections of some of participants:


Elionor Dueck: Good Morning! Today is Monday, the day after the seminar. I am not a person who speaks a lot publicly, I did not even consider having an experience, let alone the day after. Rather, I thought that the day after would wake me up, and follow my “normal” routine, but it was not like that. I woke up with deep gratitude to the true parents for taking the time to find a solution for me. They gave us hope that everything will be fine. That we would be without that hope. And the love of the true mother who at her age still stands by bringing her children together, showing us the love of mother that God expresses through her, helping us and our ancestors to solve our problems and give us the possibility of moving forward with joy. For me the gratitude was a profound experience. Thank you for the efforts of all the organizers who, despite everything, keep their inspiration and bring us that possibility.

Porfiria Fernández de Chavez: For the first time, i have participate in an event of such great magnitude. My heart was so rejoiced. Many mixed feelings, gratitude towards True Parents for such great love and dedication for humanity. My thanks to the continental and national leaders for their efforts to carry out this beautiful spiritual event in my country. Mansei!

Carmen Britos de González: I deeply thank the True Parents, to know that they gave us love, life and true lineage. The testimony comes from the deep of my heart. Nothing is easy in life, one has to refuse completely. Satan always tries to want to divide the family, we must understand perfectly how to subjugate Satan. Nothing is easy, I thank you for having known True Parents through my husband. I did not understand the meaning of the Messiah. By participating in many seminars I met True Parents. After listening for 21 days I felt that the Father was the Messiah. I told God not to worry that despite everything I will keep going. You can not restore the human being in the blink of an eye. Satan hits the center. Everyone must understand their value. We can not express ourselves when you do not feel. But when you are hit you can feel the value of things. I ask in prayer for my family and I ask the highest spiritual World to give strength to all blessed families. With faith, hope and strength we must overcome all the obstacles that will come. I pray to God to give us more love. Thank you very much for having participated in this precious Seminar of HJ CheonBo.

Alfredo Eliodoro González: My release testimony: at first I thank our Heavenly Parents and True Parents for giving me the opportunity to personally release and free my ancestors. I am very happy and light after the release. Aju.

Cordelia Carolina Insaurralde Wiens: It was a unique and divine experience for me; sometimes I did not know if it was morning or afternoon and I felt that this must be the eternity, I felt the presence of my ancestors, mainly my dear brother Miguel and my maternal grandparents, with whom I spent a lot of time in life. When I closed my eyes, during the session I could see very bright lights; It was wonderful and exciting to feel them, to feel their happiness and gratitude towards me for helping them; with their embraces they renewed my spiritual strengths; I feel as blessed as them. I thank with all my heart, with all my Soul and all my being the True Parents for giving us that opportunity to free our Ancestors. Aju,

Helena Thiessen de Santana: My impression about the HJ Cheoung Bo workshop… I couldn’t almost believe that a small pour country like Paraguay could be blessed with a tremendous blessing like this one and that all the ancestors could be freed and blessed with our so small efforts… I felt the tremendous suffering of our True Parents, that made this possible… I felt True Father’s tortures in prison, I felt True  Mother’s age and her effort to travel throughout the world giving us strength to overcome whatever obstacle in order to liberate us and our Physical World.

I had the feeling that we(I) didn’t deserve all the Blessings and that our humble gratefulness was never enough to be expressed and that this was a special grace from Heaven. When I understood that also the unborn being could now grow to perfection through the liberation, I felt so easy and gave God and True Parents all the Glory. When I thought about the ties on hands and feet of our ancestors, the wish to  use money for Heaven, but not being able in their world to get money anymore and than to know that dependents did understand their situation and give the money instead, how their ties fell of and gave them so much happiness,that was a feeling I can’t express in words, so deep gratitude.

I became also to understand much deeper the perfect and strict laws that Spiritual World works with…nothing imperfect can be accepted, it’s rejected and doesn’t help… I saw this on the way our brother David Pereyra acted from the beginning to the end and therefor I believe deeply that Spiritual World could accept this workshop of liberation and Blessing of our ancestors as well as of our own cleansing.

All the leaders showed their love and comprehension too,tiredness they would move along the rows and kick bad spirits out from the members. I had taken just enough money with me to pay for the Blessing of our ancestors,but like a miracle there was more that I needed and immediately I filled out letters of wishes that became a very strong desire in me and I believe that those wishes become true…maybe not immediately ,but through my earlier experiences I know the responses become a reality…S.World has much time,we don’t understand it maybe,but they up there can wait,but can’t violate the spiritual laws and so all that we do with a transparent and honest heart,it will have it’s positive responses. Just in our HDQ this morning T.Fathers says: ” All that’s done to in a false way,will be revealed at the end ” I hope and pray that all what was done in this so precious workshop was done with an absolute honest attitude and heart. Thank you  Heavenly Parents,our True Parents and all the leaders involved in this effort and all our ancestors they were there. Aju

Mirta Gimenez: It’s the first time I participate. Being able to felt very good with God and free myself made me feel very good. I thank True Parents very much for allowing us to reach God and become true children of Him. Thank you very much.

Sixta Eliana González Benítez: At first I thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents for giving me the opportunity to be able to personally liberate myself and free my ancestors. I felt with peace and very happy to have participated, my heart feels more calmer after all.

Sindulfo Leiva: At First, I thank God very much; for having sent me to find these precious brothers of the federation, and thanks to them who educated me, now I am the protagonist of this providence centered on True Parents. Thanks to the True Parents, I freed myself and freed my ancestors. I have paid a lot of compensation to get here and now I understand the reason. I found a truth so high that I can only say, thank you Heavenly Father. Thank you True Parents, thanks to the Family Federation.Aju!

Yanina Martinez Medina: I did personal liberation, I felt intense heat blowing behind me. In the last Chanyang it was even more intense, when one of the leaders hit my head I felt hot and sweated.That heat were evil spirits that came out and right now I am with a strong feeling of knowing personally that they were low spirits that I had and that came out of my body.I was relieved to know that they will be educated and blessed later on.

Linda Martinez de Alvarenga: My first experience. We lived two very beautiful days where I could feel the presence of True Mother and True Father, but I take a special feeling of the Mother because I am at a stage in which i want to be a mother. In the liberation I had a deep experience where I felt an intense heat in the whole body. I hurt every part of the body that was hit. I felt that all the low spirits came out and now I feel relieved. I leave very happy with the desire to return.

Nilda Rosa Alvarenga de Miranda: I am very happy and motivated by every activity we had. I leave with the desire to return.

Celso Ucedo, Leader of Liberation and Blessing of Ancestors in Paraguay: It was great with regard to liberation and blessing. The letter of desire surprised me that True Parents are acting directly for compliance. It is astonishing how the Spiritual World works especially the True Parents who are the Kings of Peace and the angels. I have a great wish that this work will be multiplied nationally quickly and in November we will have a great seminar so the word Atyra is fulfilled which means many people. In the Blessing of my ancestors I felt a lot of heaviness but at the same time happy to know that they were blessed and now they are going to training for 40 days for them to come back and assist us.

Gustavo Giuliano, Director of the AMTC of Sub Region 2 and Paraguay: As part of the organizing staff of the HJ Cheon Bo Seminar in Paraguay, I have seen that we could have organized better, but we will be more attentive for the next time. I emphasize fundamentally the experience I had in the chanyang of the Liberation of the ancestors when we made the dialogue with our ancestors who had been liberated and who were now willing to be educated for 100 days. In my dialogue with them I still felt a deep emotion where I could not contain the tears. The ancestors from 379 to 430 had come out of the chains of hell. I realized that most believed and the rest did not. I explained to them what my current situation was and that my commitment to my wife was to go from the tribal level to the national level and then the world level. We were going to need a lot of money to meet the goals and that was for the good of all. I eagerly await the fulfillment of the 100 days to be able in September to go to Argentina and bless them. I feel peace and tranquility, there is no one left of my ancestors in hell.

Derlis Chamorro Barreto, Paraguay: In the changyang I felt more and more heat throughout the body. Then I stop feeling my hands and my body. I felt that it was not me who applauded; I kept applauding until I could understand that it was me who applauded. Also at the time of Changyang when I was falling asleep, someone hit my foot and woke me up. At that moment I realized that none of the participants had been there. I think it was the spiritual world that raised me. Finally, at night while I was sleeping, I dreamed of someone who told me “Start moving strongly, your return is real, it’s has been a long time since I’ve been waiting, thank you!” I felt that they were my ancestors thanking me for their release.

Mathias Blanco 21 years old, Second Generation: The blessing of Ancestors was a very beautiful experience, since I could feel a relief in my heart to be able to help our relatives and ancestors in the Spiritual World, to be closer to God, and also to myself. In addition to being closer to the goal that Heavenly Father and True Parents inspire us to reach. It was an unforgettable experience.

Alvaro Alexander Orrego, 21 Years old, Second generation: I was part of the Changyang team. At the time of the Ancestor Liberation session, I could feel that by uniting myself with the public purpose and the heart of God, my performance was better than any rehearsal and Chanhyang Yeoksa’s session was a success both internally and externally. Thank you so much!

Ramón Jorge Chávez, Pilar, Paraguay: We asked for a Letter of Desire to our Heavenly Father to allow us to have a daughter. My wife could not be more pregnant because of health problems. But after the Letter of Desire she managed to get pregnant with a girl. I thank Heavenly Father and True Parents.

Gladys Vásquez Fernández, Asunción, Paraguay: Before the Blessing of Ancestors, I had many Health difficulties so I could not keep releasing, nor blessing for affordable homes. But when I started to make conditions for the ancestors everything began to be solved. My Health improved almost one hundred percent and today I was able to continue with the liberation. I am determined to complete the liberation and blessing until 430 generations. I thank all of this to Heavenly Father and True Parents.

Carmen Celina Britos Martinez, Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay: Together with my husband, we are very committed to the fulfillment of our goal of Celestial Tribal Messiah. We are close to fulfilling the blessing for our entire tribe and now here at the Liberation and Blessing seminar we want to do the same with our ancestors. True Parents appeared before me in dreams showing me that I must become like them. This seminar allowed me to feel closer to this goal by restoring myself individually and family. I had a spiritual experience with a relative who left for the spiritual world. I dreamed that he came with a white shirt to a farm where he worked, he greeted me from afar. He wanted to say hello but he had a tool in his hand, so I could not do it correctly. But a few years later I dreamed again with him and I saw him very elegant, smiling and bright. This experience allowed me to understand that we can really liberate and bless our ancestors and that together as a family we can achieve our goal of Celestial Tribal Messiah.

Ramón Amarilla, Encarnación, Paraguay: I am really happy to participate in this Liberation seminar. I also know that our ancestors are really happy for the opportunity to participate in this beautiful seminar.

Yndabor del Valle Sayavedra, Santa Fe, Argentina: At the time of the prayer I was able to see millions of ancestors who were in the room. It was really impressive. I am very grateful to participate in this seminar here and that this seminar is also taking place in the spiritual world. We are in the Spiritual World. I think everyone should participate because everyone’s ancestors want to see us in these seminars in order to really liberate them. The time I understood that the liberation of ancestors is not something simple, and that requires a great preparation, I dedicated myself to prepare myself internally for this seminar. At the time of today’s session I could feel that I was breaking a barrier in my skin and that something bad was coming out of my body. I know it’s up to me not to have reciprocity with bad spirits so they do not re-enter my body.

Lidimar Ontiveros, Venezuela: Thanks to Heaven I was able to participate with my wife in this seminar, and I could feel a strong sense of warmth waving from my body and particularly in my head, at the time of the Changyang Session. It was a strong feeling.

Rudy Riezegel, Encarnación, Paraguay: I could feel that with a sincere effort one can receive the help of the angels and the ancestors can also collaborate with us and thus achieve the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spiritual World. It was a new beginning for our spiritual life.

Félix Fariña, Asunción, Paraguay, Coordinador del Seminario HJ Cheon Bo en Atyra Paraguay: My strongest demand in this HJ CheonBo seminar was with the Letters of Desire. When the Reverend was explaining the meaning of the letters I could feel that they are the means to connect us with the sphere of love of Heavenly Father and True Parents. It is a unique moment in history where we can be one with our creator. The emotion was so strong that at the moment I was translating the Reverend I could hardly continue. I felt a lot of grace, a lot of love and also the heart of forgiveness from our Heavenly Father.

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