Nigeria: One-day Interfaith Family Peace Blessing Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Nigeria

“Benue State is one of the States in Nigeria that we have done a lot of blessing programs and we have faced a lot of challenges. On May 13, 2019 we held an Interfaith Family Peace Blessing Workshop in Gboko. This was a blessed family education program for Area Heavenly tribal messiah  coordinators chiefs, pastors and area leaders about blessing and follow up. We had 257 participants.

50.000 couples have had already received the blessing in Benue State. There are about 23 local government’s offices in the states of Benue, we have covered more than 14 local governments with our program.

Head of heavenly tribal messiah programs in Nigeria, Dr. Raphael Oko said: We decided to bring leaders from these various areas and educate them more about the blessing and follow up, so we can make Benue State a peaceful and heavenly Benue.”

The master of the ceremonies was Rev. Imo Nkanta. Rev. George Ogurie gave the main lecture from 10:15 am until 4:30 pm with a short lunch break all together with village Chiefs, pastors and leaders.



The content of the program covered introduction to the divine principle, practices and reviews of the blessing program. We finished with the explanation of the family pledge where Rev. George Ogurie covered the eight pledges in their details.

The program came to an end with the recognition of all local area HTM leaders representatives who have actively participated in facilitating blessing programs in their community and a declaration of responsibility to continue the work they’re doing in educating their blessed families.

Everyone was happy and taking pictures of the event. When the time came to register for the follow up education, half the room were already making a line to register immediately. Great responses. Moving and professional lectures by Rev. George Ogurie.

A second generation blessed couple, Stephan and Diana Winter, attended the event as examples of being second generation of the blessed family ministries of FFWPU and gave a short greeting and sharing at the end of the program.

Follow up

As part of the follow-up of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah activity, 30 woman from each tribe, are empowered with the modest seed fund of ten thousand Naira($30) to start up business to alleviate their economic situation. And this program has covered over 350 women already. The women are expected to pay back 500 Naira weekly. After 2 weeks the money can be reinvested to other people. It’s quiet successful as many women have payed back their initial loan. By the end of the year we expect the Micro credit scheme should cover all the tribes that we have this far.

It’s not a charity loan but a micro empowerment investment. Some of the investments made to the communities was a Palm plantation where community members can sell it to make money from their income. Another investment was in livestock.

Further education is needed and plans in having a permanent education center are in talks to make HTM activities more successful.

With all that we want to offer a nation, where the life from our people can improve and build a substantial  heavenly nation of Nigeria.

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