Nicaragua: Inauguration of YSP

Prepared by YSP Nicaragua

On Saturday 18th of May 2019, we held inauguration of Youth and Student for Peace (YSP). With the support of UPF and FFWPU of Nicaragua, the event took place in the auditorium Science Commercial University (UCC) Managua, Nicaragua.

We had 220 participants including many important people among our participants such as Dra. Nejama Bergman, president of the Directive Committee of UCC Lic. Ivania Toruno, president of UCC, Dr. Jorge Moreno Chávez, vice president of UCC,  Dr. Chang Shik Yang- Special Emissary of Latin America and the Caribbean islands, Ing. Agustín Jarquín Anaya, president of UPF Nicaragua and Rev. Jorge de Oliveira, National Leader of FFWPU and many university students and professional youth.

Rev. Jorge de Oliveira representing the Family Federation started the event with a prayer and the Vice President of UCC Dr. Jorge Moreno Chávez gave the welcoming message.

Ing. Agustín Jarquín, President of UPF Nicaragua spoke about the theme: “The role of the youth to maintain peace in a challenging universe”.

The part that is most relevant of the event was given by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, special emissary of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. He spoke about the vision and role of the YSP for future hope. In addition, he encouraged the youth to strengthen and develop a true character looking for pacific solutions to achieve peace in the world.

During the event, 28 young people received certificates for Peace Ambassadors of whom they have showed a strong interest to work together with YSP looking for solutions to the challenges that our country is demanding in this present time.

Lic. Abdjane Ribeiro was officially named as the president of the YSP and Rodolfo Ramos as president of CARP Nicaragua.

At the end we had some performances by the youth, some singing and dancing, creating a happy atmosphere, planting hope for the future of Nicaragua.

We believe this event was a new beginning and a huge success for the young people of Nicaragua.

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