Nepal: Significance and Value of the Blessing for the Youth


Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

The significant value of matching and blessing workshop took place and it was participated by the Heavenly Tribal Messiah young member and full time CARP member across the nation. The “Legacy of True Love”, “Birth of True Parents and Rebirth of Humanity”, Significance and Value of the Blessing”, “The Blessing and our Attitude’, and Process of Matching and Blessing” was the main topic given during the 2 day workshop by Mrs. Ursula McLackland as the main presenter.

The program was started by the warm welcome with the inspiring words from Mr. Binod Dangi who stresses the changing lineage is most important than any other worldly material. Participants are becoming internally aspirant when the president of FWPU-Nepal, Rev. Santosh kumar Paudel spoke about the deep significant of the blessing when heavenly Parents and true Parents bestowed upon us.

The blessing workshop was organized by the BFD-Nepal director, Mrs. Divine Bhandari centering on Heavenly Tribal Messiah members and Full time CARP member who dedicated their life of faith on True Parents.

On the second day, a second generation matching and blessing process workshop took place and it was participated by second gen matching candidate and with their parents. This the first time that Nepal hosted the Matching and Blessing convocation for second generation.

The workshop was lauded by the blessed family who had clear understanding of the process. Parents show and express their feelings with tears to the presenter.

BFD-Nepal vowed to give more accessible and education in reaching out the blessing candidates, blessed family and second generation in the future.

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