Nepal: Education program for Ambassador for Peace


Prepared by UPF Nepal

As part of VIP education program, UPF- Nepal reaching out the VIP’s, Ambassador for Peace and Civil Society leaders who got involve during the Asia Pacific Summit 2018- Nepal for further strengthening the relationship and for follow-up education. We hold our education program on May 2, 2019 with 131 participants, including law makers (Member of the Parliament) and Peace Builders. The theme was “Perspective on Happy Family and Prosperous Nation.”

Hon. Teju Lal Chaudhary, the chief guest on his own word’s ” that only peace and family education is very important to bring happiness in the family; if the family is, there is prosperity in the Nation”  and he added “5 times I joined the UPF Program and I feel that I am learning always something new in my life. Being a law maker, it helps me too implement Laws centering on the family.’

The whole program was filled of good ambience at the very beginning during the special presentation of the secretary general of UPF Heavenly Asia Pacific, Ursula McLackland. This program is under directive of UPF Chairman – Heavenly Asia Pacific, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal to support the upcoming event on the big arena on the large scale on 2020.

Mr. Binod Dangi, UPF-Nepal Secretary General and Hon. Milan kumari Rajbanshi, mobilized the VIP’s prior to follow up and educate centering on True Parents ideology on peace building nation and spoke the spotlight of the core values and advocacy of UPF.

VIP guest appreciate and amazed to the works and deeds of the Founder and that appreciation bear good a fruits on exchanging the ideas.

The Chief guest, invited UPF-Nepal delegates to interact on the peace program on their area of responsibility and many of the guest participants express their support to UPF advocacy.

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