Italy: International Family Day


Prepared by UPF Italy

On the occasion of “International Family Day”, we held an evening program on May 16 2019 at the Civic Hall of the Municipality of Almè, province of Bergamo, with the sponsorship of the same Municipality. The theme for the event was “Family, Education and Wellness”. The WFWP Italy, FFWPU Italy and ISKCON Congregation for Krishna Consciousness cooperated for the meeting.

An evening full of content to confirm how necessary it is to promote and support the family setting as a source of secure and stable relationships over time in order to determine security and stability of character and heart for each of its individual components and consequently an indispensable basis for greater harmony and social cohesion.

Three speeches were presented: Carlo Zonato president of UPF Italia on the topic “The Strategic Value of the Family for Peace and Social Cohesion”, followed by Giannina Figus Ravaglioli president of WFWP of Bergamo who presented her speech on “La Forza delle Donne ” (The Power of Women). Last talk by Walter Montagner spiritualist ISKCON on the topic “Good relations for the emotional solidity in the couple.”

At the end, we organized a familiar refreshment with the whole group of over 40 guests.

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