Italy: CARP Musical Event In Milan


Prepared by CARP Italy

On April 30, 2019, in the city of Milan, organized by the Italian CARP, with the support of FFWPU, a concert, even though was prepared in a very short time, witnessed a large participation and became a complete success.

The musical performance was introduced with a short presentation of CARP, given by Davide Chirulli and Valerio Tammiso, the ones in charge of Italian CARP, allowing the audience to understand True Parents’ vision.

The artists, all CARP members, except for Bilge, a Turkish young lady, offered moving songs, expressing the desire for peace and brotherhood among all the peoples in the world. The participants became very inspired to get to know such young people committed to enhance spiritual values and fight against the moral degradation.

Rev. Gianluigi Panzeri, the priest of the basilica, the second tallest church in Milano, who conveyed his support to this musical event, after warmly congratulating the musicians, stressed the importance of cooperating together for overcoming barriers and promoting peace among nations.

At the conclusion, Renato and Vita Vallone, the couple in charge of the FFWPU in Milano, talked briefly about family values as the foundation to secure peace in the society. Their words were followed by a toast with holy wine, shared by everyone present.

This musical event was highly appreciated by all the participants, for whom it was a precious opportunity to meet and share ideas in a spirit of joy and friendship.

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