From Russia with Love: The Angels of Peace in Prague


By Olga Vakulinskaya, WFWP East Europe

The Russian children’s musical ensemble known as Angels of Peace became global peacemakers, winning hearts during a visit to Prague, Czech Republic, to perform at the international assembly of the Global Women’s Peace Network.

GWPN is an initiative of Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), and the assembly was held at Prague’s Hotel Olšanka on May 4, 2019, by the Czech and Russian branches of WFWP, with the support of the German chapter of WFWP and the European branches of WFWP and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, an affiliated organization.

More than 100 women attended the assembly, which featured an international and intercultural Bridge of Peace ceremony. The participants came mainly from Germany, Russia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, although there were also representatives from the United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Belarus and Ukraine.

During the Bridge of Peace, many people were moved to tears. Some participants overcame pain and resentment toward other nationalities that had been held in their families for many years.

The Angels of Peace ensemble opened each part of the Bridge of Peace program with a special song in the language of the countries that were called to the stage.

As part of the GWPN assembly, this ensemble of blessed children also held a Youth Bridge of Peace program on May 1 and a beautiful concert at a senior citizens’ home where an intergenerational Bridge of Peace between citizens of the Czech Republic and Russia was held.

The whole program concluded with an intercultural Angels of Peace concert that united the hearts of all the participants and made them feel like one family.

Upon their return to Moscow on May 6, the young performers and their adult companions were welcomed to Eastern Europe headquarters for a pizza party hosted by Subregional President Jack and Renee Corley. At the party, Rev. In Pyo Moon, director of the HJ CheonBo European branch, serenaded them with a beautiful Korean song.

Several of the parents of the Angels of Peace happily joined the gathering.

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