Eastern Europe Workshop on Second-Generation Education


By Elena Kalmatskaya, FFWPU Russia

Leaders responsible for the education of second-generation children and youth, including  Sunday school teachers, gathered at the Eastern Europe headquarters in Moscow for a two-day meeting. The title of the seminar, which was held on May 4 and 5, 2019, was “Be a Voice, Not an Echo.”

A total of 39 participants came from Moldova, Belarus and Lithuania, as well as from the Russian cities of Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Through the speech of Rev. Inpyo Moon, president of the European branch of HJ CheonBo, participants received deep internal realizations about the essence of education, especially as it concerns the second generation.

Elena Kalmatskaya, director of second- generation education for the Eastern Europe subregion, imparted a practical vision regarding the milestones of development and formation of faith and the tasks necessary to fulfill each step.

Experienced coach Dmitry Guzeev introduced to the teachers the concept of “positive communication” and helped them understand how to apply it to one’s life and mission.

During the Sunday Service, in which Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, the former Northeast Continent director, spoke about the origins of our church in Russia, the participants could feel that they were part of history.

The seminar concluded in the prayer room with words of encouragement from Jack Corley, the Eastern Europe sub regional president, and his wife, Renee Corley, followed by a closing prayer.

Throughout the seminar everyone was able to share their experiences and receive answers to their questions.

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