DR Congo: Interfaith Peace Blessing

by Lukali Lumbete Paulin, FFWPU DR Congo

We held an Interfaith Peace Blessing, a Palm ongd Workshop, in the commune of Maluku in Kinshasa on May 25, 2019. And during this event 137 couples received blessing of marriage.

The ongoing mobilization, the concern of the members of Atelier Palm Ongd is to offer the Heavenly Parent and True Parents 12 Victorious Celestial Tribal Messiahs by the year 2020.

For the follow-up of our HTM activities, Atelier Palm Ongd supports its own funds market gardening couples by offering agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizer etc ….) And small agricultural equipment (machetes, hoes, etc …) . And to sustain its HTM activities and meet the needs of the couples we bless, we are looking for support for our development projects, given that we are in a post-conflict country, in which it poses the problems of employment, malnutrition, health, etc.

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