DR Congo: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival


by LUKALI LUMBETE Paulin, Atelier le Palmier ongd

We organized interfaith blessing for peace events in the communes of Maluku and Mont Ngafula in Kinshasa during a 7-day period in which 82 couples received the blessing of marriage from True Parents.

Our headquarters located at No. 54, Avenue LUTONDO, Ngomba-kikusa neighborhood in the commune of Ngaliema in Kinshasa, and with 10 staff members, our goal is to help the members to fulfil their heavenly tribal messiahship mission

Up to this time we have three victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs who have already completed 430 couples blessing. They are:

  • LUKALI LUMBETE Paulin family
  • IGILIMA ITULAMYA Jean family
  • KIBUNGI MANUNGA Jean Renaud family.

And right now our focus is help the 4th Heavenly Tribal Messiah that is  MPOYI MPIMPI Marcel family who already has blessed to 272 couples.

With this ongoing mobilization, our hope is to offer 12 victorious heavenly tribal messiah to Heavenly Parent and True Parents by the year 2020.

Knowing that we are in a post conflict country, we are trying our best to make enough money through different type of economic activities such as selling agricultural good and so on to support all our activities and of course, we welcome any supports from other blessed families around the world.

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