Dominican Republic: Peace Family Festival for Reaffirmation & Blessing of Marriages

by Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Caribbean Region

With the great vision to restore our nation by 2020, we are doing Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing Ceremonies centering on Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy.

On May 5th, we held the Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing ceremony for 60 couples promoted mainly by the national city police association. The president of this association is totally determined to support Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing through holding blessing ceremonies in every city where the national city police association is established.

Mr. Andres Ortiz, chief of National City Police Association declared in his welcoming remarks that he will bring and share the holy blessing to every single city police members because he understands the problem of this Dominican society has begins with the lack of a proper relationship between husband & wife.

The theme of this City Police Association is: “Rescuing Values”, which match very well with our goal and vision. Mr. Ortiz said: “Being members of association of the city police association is not enough, you should be member of the Family Federation who promotes values in every level of society, so that’s why our main goal for this year 2019 is to spread and expand this blessing to the whole nation.

The event began with greetings from VIPs Who considers this kind of activities as high priority for our nation. Through their messages, we could reconfirm that focusing on family values is the main task that we need to do for restoring the nation.

Every members of National Police Association had polite attitude and they were supportive for organizing the blessing ceremony successfully. If they truly understand the value and vision of blessing, we may organize bigger blessing ceremonies with their cooperation in the near future.

All participant couples were very honor to participate, so they stayed with a good attitude from beginning to end. Every process and every single step of the ceremony flew very well, so participants could follow whole ceremony without any inconvenience.

Since they are members of police association, they are trained to follow up blessing ceremony until end. Our main vision is to hold a national Peace Blessing Festival on September, so we are mobilizing the police association core members town by town in order for them to invite their relatives and friends to participate in the national level blessing.

We give great thanks to True Parent who give grace to us to multiply and share this precious blessing for all mankind

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