D.R. Congo: Youth and Student for Peace Rally

‍Prepared by YSP D.R. Congo

On Tuesday May 21, 2019, we held a youth rally in KENGE, capital of KWANGO province, about 250 km east of Kinshasa. And 1300 students from public schools, Catholic, Protestant … took part in.

The aim was to contributing to the achievement of the 2020 vision and restoring the nation, in the meantime to encourage young students to cultivate Peace and Pure Love in the school environment.

Through this event, we also launched the YSP branch of Kwango and set up a provincial committee, just three weeks after the launch of YSP branch of Kongo Central Province.

The activity was attended by different politico-administrative and school authorities, among which: the Executive Secretary of the Provincial Governor who represented the Provincial Minister of Education, the Mayor of the city who was also represented and the Provincial Inspector of Education represented by the Director of Education of primary and secondary schools.

The opening remarks given by Mr. Kippum Matumona, a second generation. After that President of YSP DR Congo Mr. Merveille Saasita gave the main message of the event.

The authorities, particularly the delegate of the Mayor of the City and the Executive Secretary of the Governorate who represents the Provincial Minister of Education, congratulated the YSP for the organizing such event and encouraged the young students to join the YSP and to put into practice its teachings. They also promised to support YSP’s activities in their Province.

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