Croatia: Easter Art Camp

By Ji-suk Bae, FFWPU Croatia

From April 25–29th, 2019, the Easter Art Camp welcomed 11 participants (ages 13–19) to the Peace Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia. The program focused on basic drawing and painting theories and techniques while discussing the role and qualities of a good artist.
The significance of this workshop lied in the fact that we were able to carve a new path to working together as Unificationists and non-Unificationists, young and old. We received lots of help from three instructors and an additional six staff members, members of the FFWPU and non-members who supported the Art Camp with cooking and cleaning.

During the weekend program we also participated in an Art Colony which was organized by the Association of invalid of homeland war, there were about 200 participants.
The participants had an intensive training in drawing and paintings, learned a lot and showed great improvement within a few hours. Nevertheless, there were many long nights with games as well.

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