Cöte d’ivoire: One-day Seminar for Women Leaders


Prepared by WFWP Cöte d’ivoire 

On May 07, 2019 in Abidjan, we held a one-day seminar with the theme “Women, Pillars of Peace and Development for National Cohesion”. Vice-President International and President of WFWP Africa, Mrs. Susan KONE, spoke at this event.

The program began with the anthem of Chun Il Guk, which followed by the pledge of the WFWP and the opening prayer offered by Madame Degbey Aka Agathe. Mrs. Yessoh Hélène, president of WFWP Cote d’ivoire introduced her staff composed of twenty-three members.

After a video presentation about WFWP international activities, President of WFWP Africa gave a presentation on the ‘Maternal Hearts Network for Peace’. Saying that It is a platform for women to speak with one voice and to use God’s “soft power” for unity, peace and development in the nation.

International Vice President Susan KONE urged all women to preach forgiveness, love and unity. She also made women aware of the need to work hand in hand with the same vision, without competition or jealousy towards each other, and therefore to support the National President and her office in all the actions carried out in the community and have senses of the providence.

She said that it is inconceivable that the women of the WFWP say they are poor, so they must fight and be eager to attract other organizations to join WFWP. As a goal, Suzane Kone encouraged women as a whole to co-opt a million women by 2020. At the economic level, she announced the upcoming establishment of a microfinance facilitated by the WFWP, which will allow women to be economically independent.

This meeting was also the occasion of the effective start of the network of maternal hearts in Côte d’Ivoire. The second presentation focused on “the power of positive thinking for the Victory of Vision 2020”. Women need to be positive about themselves and other women. Mother Susan KONE asked women to be positive, to change their minds and to use the talents God has placed in each. Finally, the President asks the WFWP members to be strong and to go beyond realism to be positive and follow the example of True Mother.

Another highlight of this meeting, the presentation of the Awards to all the past-presidents experienced by Côte d’Ivoire and the current President, Mrs. Yessoh Hélène. These Awards, signed by the President of WFWP Africa, come to recognize the sacrifice made by all these mothers to advance the objectives of the WFWP in Côte d’Ivoire.

We had a beautiful performance with a festive atmosphere led by the Peace Angels choir of Côte d’Ivoire. This was followed by cake cutting and three cries of Victory or eug mansei.

At the end, Mrs. DOUMBIA Gloria gave the end word by urging women to be more determined for victory.

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