Costa Rica: Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Award

Prepared by FFWPU Costa Rica

On April 2019, we hold Scholarship Award Ceremony for seven grateful young unificationists students with the HJ Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation Scholarship Award.

With great gratitude to True Parents, members and national leader, Rev. Oscar Mario Barquero C, led the HJ Scholarship Ceremony for 7 Costa Rican second gen, CAPR students and future leaders, whom greatly praise to True Mother to give them such great awards.

The HJ Scholar Ceremony began with the explanation of the meaning of this great dedication from True Mother done by Rev. Oscar, Follow by gratitude speeches from awardees and the general policies done by the national leader.

Together with their parents, families and church members, each student gratefully received the scholarships Awardees are indeed grateful to True Mother and made a commitment to work harder to fulfill True Parents will, so they can be ready to take out the heavy burden from True Parent.

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