Chile: Blessing of Marriage festival


Prepared by WFWP Chile

On Sunday May 5, 2019 WFWP Chile celebrated two activities in Easter Island. The first activity was held at the main Catholic Church in Easter Island. As part of the Catholic religious service that day, one of our main supporters in Easter Island, Maria Ika, was able to share with the entire congregation about our activity later that day for celebrating the couples with 25 or more years of marriage, explaining about how the society should honor the dedication and fidelity of these couples.

The main event was held at the restaurant Te Ra’ai, which is owned and operated by one of blessed couples, Victor Ika and Rozimeire Aruda. This couple has been very instrumental in helping to develop the providence in Easter Island, which is part of the national territory of Chile.

We had several officials and government representatives from Easter Island among our 60 participants, as well as 18 couples and their families who received the recognition and a diploma for their 25 years of marriage, along with WFWP members from the mainland of Chile.

After the introduction of the event, traditional folk dancing from Easter Island was performed by professional dancers, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Following Sachiko Grange, WFWP Chile president, shared a brief presentation about WFWP concerning their purpose and activities in Chile and in the world.

Janilee Bustillos of WFWP Chile then explained about the blessing activity and its importance for all couples.

Victor Ika and Rozimeire Aruda then shared in more detail about the blessing. Following the couples participated in the blessing ceremony. It was a very moving ceremony for everyone in attendance, with some people crying with happiness for the wonderful experience of the blessing.

Refreshments were served at the closing of the event and all of those involved expressed deep gratitude.

We wish to thank all members who participated in the wonderful and unique blessing event in Chile.

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