Brazil: New Perspectives for a Society of Peace


Prepared by WFWP Brazil

We held an event in partnership with the UPF Brazil, at the Chamber of Congressman on May 16, 2019 with the theme Women Building a Stable Peace among Nations. We had 350 participant including the minister of justice and minister of the Family, 2 senators and 17 congressional representatives.

The aim was to bring women leaders together to develop a work for peace and to appoint new peace ambassadors.

We had a video presentation about WFWP and our worldwide activities and after that president of WFWP Brazil spoke to participants. This was followed by presentations from President of UPF Brazil and President of FFWPU Brazil.

During the event, 15 authorities received the title of Ambassador for Peace. As they received the certificate, they shed tears of gratitude for recognition and many other authorities are eager to receive this title as well.

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  1. Graças a Deus por este evento no Brasil. Precisamos de paz. Paz interior e paz pelo mundo. Mansei

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