Brazil: Hyojeong Cheonju CheonBo Special Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

With the grace of Heavenly Parents and True Parents it took place on 24th and 25th of the 3rd month by the Heavenly calendar in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk, on April 27 and 28, 2019 by solar calendar, a beautiful Hyojeong Cheonju CheonBo Workshop in Heavenly Latin America Sub-region 1 – Campo Grande MS, Brazil.

The President of the Cheonju CheonBo Branch in Heavenly Latin America, Rev. Kim Seong Nam and the Director of Subregion 1 and the President of FFWPU in Brazil, Rev. Koichi Sasaki, who, following the instructions of heaven, established a harmonious environment of dedication where blessed families and members were able to perform the ancestral liberation ceremony for the generations 1 to 378 (and the Engagement ceremony between the Spiritual World and the Physical World).

Entering the Age of Cheon Il Guk, the True Father in the Spiritual World and the True Mother on Earth formed a substantial foundation of the ideal of creation, becoming fully united and opening a new and amazing age governing the universe directly. Centered on Hyojeong Cheonju Cheonbo, True Parents are building a substantial ideal world the Cheon Il Guk.

The ancestors of the descendants who have completed the conditions are now free to go to the Heaven Training center at Heung Jin Nim’s 100-day Workshop in the spiritual world.

Attending Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind was established the Consecration to the Heritage of Heavenly Fortune Hyojeong. Many members had the opportunity to receive great Blessings from heaven and the opportunity to be born again. Where desires have been delivered to the Heavens and will certainly be realized.

On the 24th day of the third month by the Heavenly calendar in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk, in front of the Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind, was carried out the Blessing of the ancestors on the side of the Father on the side of the Mother, the Grandfather and Grandmother side too, from generations 1 to 329 (and the Blessing Ceremony of the Spiritual World and the Physical World).

They will now participate in a 40-day Workshop at the Heung Jin Nim’s Training Center in the spiritual world. They will be educated about family and upon completing of the Workshop, they will descend upon the Earth to their descendants and spouses.

The entertainment was after the completion of the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony, the Consecration to the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune Hyojeong and the blessing of the ancestors. We were awarded with the cut of the Cake and of several musical performances.

This was a wonderful Workshop where many members felt the presence of Heung Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nin and Dae Mo Nim, as well as the presence of their ancestors who were released, blessed and rejoiced on this occasion.

Based on all the spiritual work of CheonBo and on the Jeongseong conditions of the members, there was also the phenomenon that many negative members who were distant of the Church, came to attend the Workshop and received so much grace and love from the Heavenly Parents, a great miracle happens, they become repented with tears and asked for forgiveness for their sins and again understood the heart of the  Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

With these marvellous experiences engraved in their hearts and with the individual liberation that gave everyone the opportunity to remove many evil spirits that blocked the members’ life of faith. All ended the  Workshop with a renewed determination and a stronger will to carry out their missions of Heavenly tribal messiahs, which is the desire of the True Mother here on Earth and of the True Father in the spiritual world.

Thank you Heavenly Parents and True Parents for such great grace we have received!

With the great blessing of the Hyojeong CheongBo Workshop, the members shed tears and determined for the great victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah ”


Ikumi Uchino: In the first Chanyang session, beating every part of my body, scenes of moments of life began to appear. It was not that I was trying to remember, but the people I prayed began to appear: families, spiritual children who broke the Blessing, members of the current mission, 430 families who received the holy wine, those people I could not love, relationship between couple, current situations and etc., each part of the body changing the scene. I remembered the letter from Hyojeong that I offered this time with prayer and tears. So this was the first session of Chanyang.

In the second Chanyang, I was coughing a lot. Two weeks ago I had the flu and a severe cough. This session was very difficult. I was beating my face and when I started to hit my mouth, suddenly I felt that many spirits started to come out of the mouth, speaking “thank you !!”. I felt a line of spirits coming out. At this moment I was coughing with deep regret of many situations that I could not overcome and that I manifested fallen natures, bad habits, repeating the same mistakes. I was praying strongly with the desire to fulfill the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship vertically and horizontally, but because of these difficulties (bad thoughts, etc.), I asked for help and support from the spiritual world.

When I felt that the spirits were leaving, I continued to hit other parts of the body and only cried… the spirits began to thank and told me “we will support you!”. Thank you for the special experience! Thank you truly to True Parents!

Maria Aparecida Santos Gomes: I had two experiences: The first during the prayer to offer the HyoJeong wish paper, Hyo Jin Nim appeared smiling at me very confident. The second was during the blessing of ancestors, an ancestor I do not know came and embraced me. She said, “Hi!” And hugged me with a smile.

During the blessing of the ancestors, True Father appears behind us, very giant. He was giant behind us, so giant that I was under His legs. This experience strengthened me greatly. True Parents are giants! Thank you True Parents! For this great blessing you gave to our ancestors, here in Campo Grande – MS

Nyuk Yin Gonçalves: I have a deep experience with the Hyojeong Wish Paper. Before I participated in this two days CheonBo workshop, I was praying for a sister called Irlane Matos. She has a lot of resentment because her first son fell. She has a lot of suffering and conflicts, but I wanted so much that she could participate in this workshop so that she can remove many bad spirits. Suddenly my central figure gave me a Hyojeong Wish Paper and I begin to pray about our church community. I prayed and suddenly received a heart felt desire to restore our members who have conflicts with our church. Miracle happened: she appeared at the workshop!! The Hyojeong Wish Paper is really a miracle. In my family many miracles happened although HJ Wish Papers I believe in them one hundred per cent. Thank you Heavenly Father for the grace we received from our True Parents.

Sonia Percca da Silva: First of all, I want to thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents for giving me the opportunity to be part of this hard work of restoring my ancestors and humanity. I understand that our Heavenly Parents and True Parents have been working for a very long time, very hard, and with this motivation I am very happy to be a part of the preparation team for the liberation of our ancestors. I wanted to set as many conditions as possible to help my ancestors, but money was lacking. Even so I made all the conditions and more. I tried my best. I stayed with the hope that some way will come to pay for the Blessing of the Ancestors. As soon as the opportunity for blessing arose, my brother-in-law paid for the liberation and blessing of the ancestors. Even a little unbeliever, I attended the Blessing Ceremony and during Chanyang’s sessions I felt a great sense of joy, as if I had accomplished something. A feeling of satisfaction. In this way, with tears I felt that my grandparents had someone on earth to help them and I felt protected at the same time. During the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, when the officiant said that the ancestors entered, I saw a burst of light spewing through the red space. When I closed my eyes, I saw the image of my grandparents entering holding hands with happiness on their faces. Thanks

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