Austria: Interreligious Prayer at the Mauthausen Memorial

First Anniversary of the Holy Ground and Interreligious Prayer at the Mauthausen Memorial

by Maria Pammer, UPF Austria

We held an interreligious prayer service on the premises of the Family Federation Upper Austria in Linz on May 12, 2019. As guests we could welcome Mrs. Bindreiter, representative of the Buddhist religious community in Upper Austria, the Catholic Bishop Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, the Imam of the Bosnian mosque Lopo Saudin and Mr. Mehmed Becirbasic. The sermon was delivered by Mrs. Pammer on the subject “Eternity – Fear or Hope”. The content of the sermon culminated in the explanation of last year’s event, when Mother Moon instructed Rev. Lee Ki-seong to hold at the Mauthausen Memorial a ceremony for the healing and to the liberation of the many tortured and killed people there. The interreligious prayer service was concluded by the prayers of all religious leaders.

Afterwards we drove to Mauthausen to the quarry of the Mauthausen Memorial. 150 people from whole Europe and the Middle East participated here on April 30th, 2018 in the establishment of a Holy Ground.

Despite the rain was coming down in sheets we were all very dedicated to extend through our prayers the foundation which had been laid here a year ago. At the beginning the choir of the Family Federation Upper Austria sang the song “Schalom”. After a short explanation of the water ceremony the representatives of Buddhism and Christianity, the representative of Islam and Mr. and Mrs. Brunnbauer representing Unification Church offered their prayers and meditations. After the water bowl had been emptied on the Holy Ground the choir sang the song “Light of Grace” and we all together sang the song Urie.

May this ceremony not only serve the commemoration, but also contribute to the further healing in the spiritual world, and most of all motivate the representatives of different religions to collaborate for a peaceful Europe, a peaceful world.

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