Angola: Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

Prepared by FFWPU Angola

The Family Federation for World Peace has as its mission the substantiation of the ideal of God through the blessing of the sacred marriage from our beloved True Parents. To substantiat this as well as the victory of Vision 2020, FFPWU Angola held a blessing of marriage festival on May 19, 2019 at the national headquarters in Luanda. Five couples and two vows were present in this ceremony, with 160 members and invited guests.

The ceremony was officiated by the President of FFWPU Angola. Before the ceremony begin, president of FFWPU Angola, gave a lecture about the meaning and value of the blessing. After that couples went through the holy wine ceremony.

Then we had the blessing ceremony: holy water ceremony, blessing vows, blessing prayer, exchange of alliances and declaration of blessing.

Couples who received blessing, offered a bouquet of flowers to True Parents and at the end, we had three cheers of eug mansey with a grateful heart to our True parents for this amazing blessing.


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