21 Day Workshop for Middle East Youth Envoys

Prepared by FFWPU Turkey

FFWPU Middle East has concluded the 21-day (19 April – 9 May) Workshop for the 5th Batch members in the Middle East Youth Envoy program at HJ Center, Istanbul, Turkey. A total of 9 participants have learnt Divine Principle, True Parents’ life course, public mission and life of faith (all by Mr. Angelucci) as well as Middle East history and religion through Principle perspectives, mission activities in this peculiar region (all by Mr. Yamazaki). The participants also practiced fundraising, outreach and street performance.

They visited some sites including St. Sophia Museum (origianlly a Christian cathedral, then an Islamic mosque), Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar (Middle-East-style shopping arcades) where True Parents had paid visits in 2011 so that the members could inherit True Parents’ hearts for the region and its peoples.

At the workshop’s graduation on 9th May, Mr. Angelucci, Regional President FFWPU Middle East, distributed graduation certificates to the participants, encouraging them by stressing True Mother’s recent global activities. He also separately assigned them to three nations; Israel, Lebanon and Turkey.

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