USA: WFWP Goes on 27 Years

Prepared by WFWP USA

This month, not only did Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA just complete a very successful launch of the Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) on April 6 in Los Angeles, but a few days later on April 10, WFWP commemorated their 27th anniversary as an organization, which announced the arrival of the era of women.

Since 1992, WFWP has expanded to over 100 nations, with a mission to empower women as peace builders and leaders in their families and communities to realize one global family rooted in a culture of sustainable peace. Through expansive humanitarian work, WFWP has acquired and sustained a Consultative Status, the highest status granted by the UN to non-governmental organizations, allowing them to work with the UN Economic and Social Council.

President of WFWP USA, Angelika Selle believes the organization is unique because of its founding spirit, which is “Living for the Sake of Others” and “Living by the Logic of Love.” Translating that into reality, thousands of WFWP women over the past 27 years have practiced such a lifestyle, exemplified most eminently by True Mother herself. Mrs. Selle says, “These women sacrificed and reached out with the heart of a mother, loved the unlovable, served, educated, stood up for principles of goodness, and gave themselves for the sake of a culture of peace.”

The following excerpts are from True Mother’s speech on March 6, 2019 at the inauguration of the new WFWP International president:

The Women’s Federation for World Peace, upon its inauguration, declared the advent of the global era of women in front of women representatives from 70 nations and 150,000 Korean women in Jamsil Olympic Stadium on April 10, 1992. Founded with the mission and role to become an organization pivotal in conducting a women-led peace movement in accordance with the Divine Will, WFWP, [nearly] 30 years later, is still actively conducting peace activities and taking the lead in realizing a permanent world of peace with its chapters in 160 nations.

Women, together with men in this 21st century, must become leaders that take charge of one wheel supporting the locomotive of a world of peace. The role of women has become more important at the center of creating a century of culture through love, peace and a culture of heart instead of a century of force and technology. I sincerely hope that all of you follow the path of a true mother, the path of a true wife, the path of a true daughter, and the path of a true woman leader in building a unified world overflowing with true freedom, peace and happiness. I also hope that WFWP takes the lead in this work.

Rhia Luz, Chairwoman of WFWP Arizona, states, “WFWP gave me the voice, allowed me to find my purpose in life and paved the way for the realization of my childhood dream! Joining WFWP made me a part of a worldwide sisterhood working for Peace!”

Irmgard Baynes, WFWP Financial Administrator, says, “Working for WFWP for the past 9 years, I was, and still am, challenged to practice our vision. WFWP impacted my personal growth and taught me to never give up on being truthful, gentle and patient. ‘Living by the Logic of Love’ is the only way to reach sustainable peace in myself and our society, and I want to thank Angelika Selle for holding me to this standard. I benefited greatly from it both in my personal and professional life.”

WFWP supporter Gregory Davis says, “We had a WFWP Bridge Ceremony event on Long Island many years ago. I was fortunate to have been there shooting a video of the program. It was quite moving. The powerful expressions and deep emotions that were expressed through forgiveness and repentance were unforgettable. Life changing.”

For information on getting involved, visit the WFWP website.

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