USA: Southeast Subregional Family Retreat


by Rev. Ernest Patton, FFWPU USA (District 5)

More than 150 Unificationists from all over the Southeast Subregion, from Maryland to Louisiana and even Puerto Rico, gathered for the District 5 Family Retreat at the Deerhaven Retreat Center in Paisley, Florida from April 12 to 14.

Surrounded by the Ocala National Forest with alligators in the lake and black bears in the woods, the retreat encouraged participants to unite with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, share True Mother’s vision for 2020, refresh their minds and bodies, share challenges and victories, empower youth and leaders, and develop teamwork in a beautiful, calming natural environment.

Throughout the weekend, motivating discussion sessions promoted Tribal Messiahship activities and clarified the Southeast Subregion’s goals for 2019, while testimonials built stronger communities through laughter and tears.

The retreat concluded with a unified Sunday Service, where former District 5 Pastor Rev. Garry Chidester gave a moving and gracious message about the Unification movement’s noble foundation, present responsibility and bright future. Participants felt uplifted and united as one family under God, determined to build tribes and fulfill True Mother’s vision.

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