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Prepared by CARP USA

This past March, we focused on the ‘Marriage and Family’ presentation from the National CARP Curriculum both in our weekly club meetings and our bi-weekly Ignite evening events. Because marriage is one of the most significant events in our lives, we felt it was important to have meaningful discussions about it .

Going beyond school and our careers, family and marriage are of utmost value and importance in our lives. As the CARP founders have said, “Family is the key to a peaceful world.” We prepare a lot for being successful and building our careers, but shouldn’t we also be prepared for marriage?

On March 7th, we invited Mr. Bento Leal, a certified relationship skill trainer, to give the presentation during Ignite (CARP Bay Area’s evening program). He presented the case for marriage, highlighting the uniqueness of marriage and family, and their lasting benefits. On March 22nd, he returned, talking about building healthy, strong families, cultivating our hearts, and how we can prepare for future marriage and family.

By hosting these at Chabot Community College, participants could discuss what this topic means to them, share about new points they resonated with, and hear different perspectives. Although we come from various backgrounds and cultures, discussion helped us understand more deeply on the universal importance and value of marriage and family.

Preparation for marriage was a point that came up in multiple discussions groups to build healthy and strong families. The idea of marriage can be scary and big but with preparation and guidance it can be one of the most beautiful things in life. One participant bravely shared how the idea of marriage was something he struggled with, but realized that with preparation and guidance from mentors, he can create a beautiful, happy marriage and family.

“It [kind of] made me think of old times with my family, like how we [used] to do family trips and how happy I was as a child.” — Jonathan Jiang

“In order to be a faithful, good husband and good father, we need mentors and coaches to get us prepared for marriage.” — Hykeem Andrews

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