USA: ACLC Youth Rally in Queens, NY

Prepared by FFWPU USA

On March 23, an American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Youth Rally was held at the New Jerusalem Worship Center in Queens, NY on the theme of “Our Voice, Our Time.” Bishop Jesse Edwards, ACLC Chairman and Co-Pastor of the Family Church of NYC, initiated this gathering of youth to help guide the Christian community in the direction of world peace, and prepared the atmosphere to welcome the Holy Spirit.

Many youth pastors and ministers shared their powerful messages centered around the day’s theme, and testified to Jesus and the love we receive from God on a daily basis. Diane Kelalu and Stephanie Diaz, local Unificationists, also gave testimonies on speaking up and using their voices to promote drastic change in the world as young Unificationist leaders. One participant commented, “The young people who are living in today’s era are truly the generation of now, the generation of youth leaders, not the generation of the future. [We need to be] determined to use our voices to help guide other people toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents, whether it’s done through song, prayer, testimony or conversation.”

Following the testimonies, the New York outreach team performed “Every Praise” with the Jasper Dance Company from Queens, who had also performed at the Nassau Coliseum rally on November 12.

The event concluded with a powerful group prayer about the essence of family.

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