The Celebration of True Parents’ Victorious Return and the 59th Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding


Date & Time: Saturday, April 20, beginning at 10:00 AM  (Korean Time)

Venue: HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center, Main Auditorium

Languages: Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish and French

※ Transmission will begin 30 minutes before the event.


◆ How to follow the live broadcast

Option 1: Log in to the PeaceTV website ( from a computer, smartphone or tablet and select the key to the desired language.

※ It is not necessary to register to watch the show live.

Option 2: Download and install the PeaceTV application by searching for “PeaceTV”. Once the App is downloaded, open then, click on the live broadcast banner.


◆ Requirements

  1. An Internet connection of 10 Mbps or more
  2. Flash Player (version 10.0 or higher, it is recommended to download the latest version).
  3. Windows 7 users may have problems watching the live broadcast with Internet Explorer. In this case, download and use the Google Chrome web browser.

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