Taiwan: WFWP General Assembly

Prepared by WFWP Taiwan

On 20th April, we held our General Assembly was very successful with 210 participants. Because of True Parents’ achievements and the long-term cultivation of WFWP’s leaders and staff, today, women leaders from all walks can gather together and hold a general meeting and three symposia on the theme of family, education and empowerment women.

President of the Control Yuan Dr. Chang Po-ya (張博雅) attended and did not leave until after the last discussion. During the meeting, we also read the speech instead of the WFWP International, President Julian H. Moon. Mrs. Zhao Wenyu who is vice president of WFWP-Taiwan expressed his sincere gratitude to President of WFWP-Taiwan Mrs. Lin Lily for bringing together the women leaders and contributing to Taiwan and world peace, so that they can see the value they can play and make the audience feel moved.

The first Chief of Village in FFWPU-Taiwan, Mrs. Liu Chunmei’s sister also rented a tour bus to take the Taitung folks to Taipei for WFWP event with offering great sincerity. During the meeting, STF members of second generation served as the reception, and they won the praise of the experts and scholars attending the conference and left a valuable photo with them.

A sister shared that she has not attended the WFWP event for a long time! She is very touched by the words of True Mother and the Pledge of WFWP today! It encouraged herself to work towards the content of the Pledge. At the same time, this is also the goal of the sisters to work hard, strive to become a greater woman, work together for God’s Will, and contribute to our social country.

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