Taiwan: SeongHwa Cultural Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

On April 4 to 7, 2019, Taiwan special Sub-region held a Hyojeong Cultural Workshop. A total of 176 SeongHwa students and SeongHwa University students participated together, and held the 2019 Spring SeongHwa Hyojeong Cultural Festival on the evening of April 6th. We rent a professional performance hall for the the performance of this cultural festival, under the planning that the blessed family can invite their clans, relatives and friends, and the Seonghwa students can also invite schoolmates and friends, become a platform for witnessing.

The theme of this cultural festival is “True Abel”, and the whole activity is planned and executed by Seonghwa university students. During the workshop session, the SeongHwa university students’ DP-Talk competition was held. The SeongHwa students of the eight churches in Taiwan were also prepared to present unique performances after several months of practice.

On the night of April 6th, fulled with 400 audiences and 200 performers and staff, SeongHwa students surpassed their own internal and external limits and wanted to bring joy to Heavenly Parent, True Parents and all the congregations, presenting a performance that moved everyone. A blessed family invited her non-members’ sister to watch the show, and the sister couldn’t help but burst into tears. This cultural season opens up a new chapter of expanding the Hyojeong culture, involving the second generation in witnessing and the ministry of Tribal Messiahship.

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