Taiwan: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

In the Yilan County, the vice national leader Rev. Min Tai-Hsi received the support from Dongshan Township(冬山鄉) Mayor. He could invite the couples to participate in the blessing ceremony by holding a happy family lecture. From March 27 to April 8, we gave lecture on the ideal and vision of blessing of marriage. In addition, during this time, 68 previously married couples in three blessing ceremonies could experience the sweetness of marriage again through the blessing ceremony and cherish each other.

On April 10, we held another blessing ceremony in the Yilan Yongmei Community Center, and 20 previously married couples received the blessing. The community leader was very sure of the blessing activity. Not only he and his wife participated, but also was with the couples to take pictures, showing a very loving appearance. After the event, the staff members invited to stay for lunch and felt joy and warm atmosphere of one family.

The Taichung church Rev. Huang held a blessing ceremony on April 13 2019, in the Southern District and 18 previously married couples participated. The oldest person was a 104-year-old grandfather, and the blessing ceremony affirmed in Taichung city.

Congressman Mr. Zhang Liao Wanjian(張廖萬堅) and three city council members attended the ceremony. The atmosphere was warm and touching. Among them, city council member Mr. Liu Shizhou(劉士州) was a former peace ambassador and he attended the whole process.

Mr. Liu Shizhou also sang a congratulatory song for the whole congregation.

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